Made Brawling accessible like Challenge Rift

Yup, instead of creating public game or invite people to join your brawling, make it like Challenge Rift, where you can join Brawling game thru in-game GAME SETTING, and at the same time, make it a DEATH MATCH for 8 maximum players.

If you guys have difficulty to handle the one-shot mechanic, just do it like what other mobile ARPG game did with their pvp by multiplying x20 to your character HP and reduce enemy damage by 99%, and also, disable the life regen power in Brawling mode. You could even add a neutral turret or trap or monsters for more flavor.
Actually I was just thinking of this the other day, what if they made brawling like challenge rifts where everyone had to use a preordained loadout and gear, then battle in a FFA to see who could get the most kills. Weekly Cache reward then blood shards for repeat victories.
This is a neat idea but you wouldn't need to reduce damage or anything special; just give pre-balanced gear (I could easily make pvp setups for players without 1-shots or stalemates).

Just removing passive life regen wouldn't be enough as there are plenty of active skills which restore life and it would deter against classes which use this form of survival. The issue around flat % modifiers is that damage and toughness variance is HUGE among players; some players do 100x damage of others or have 10x the toughness. A flat % will overnerf some players (to the point of negligible damage dealt) and barely affect others (still 1-shot low toughness players).

If any scaling is to be done it should have some diminishing returns scaling (or hard caps on certain attributes), for more information on this idea: look at my December 2012 post (yeah almost 5 years ago!) where I came up with an example.

I would say battle-tested pre-made builds that have a good balance in damage dealt and taken would be the best option but then the game becomes like HotS or other games with preset characters (which limits player diversity).

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