Mantra of Retribution

For some reason I've always liked Mantra of Retribution, my favorite rune is the 10% attack speed but one thing I've always wondered is...

Is Mantra of Retribution even worth it?
100-200% weapon damage is taken by enemies when they attack you or when you dodge, has anyone ever actually taken a look to see if this damage from the mantra is even significant?
I know it's easy to dismiss several skills from each class as junk obscure skills that absolutely no one uses- mantras are my favorite part of monk so I have a hard time dismissing retribution as one of those junk skills.
At face value an offensive mantra like Conviction seems like it would beat the pants off of Retribution..but overall does it?
Here's a question: anyone know if mantras are extended to mystics? Come to think of it, but I am not sure if mystics even get attacked- if they do get attacked does retribution mantra extend to mystics also, will enemies take damage from attacking THEM ? What about mantras and followers, do they benefit from them?

Does anyone have any opinions on Mantra of Retribution? Has anyone ever found a good use for it, or noticed if the damage it gives is worth while?
Compared to our other damage dealing skills MoR doesnt deal any damage since it has nearly any damage multiplicators.

Lets compare the damage to LTK:

Assuming our weapon damage is 1000

MoR deals 202% weapon damage -> 2020 damage

LTK deals 825% (runed) weapon damage -> 8250 damage

But LTK has also some multipliers, that MoR can never get:

8250 * 2 (Gyana 100% LTK dmg) * 4 (300% Boj-Angler) * 31 (3000% Sunwuko)

= 2046000 damage

im leaving out multiplicators that affect both skills the same way (elemental dmg, dex, cc, chd ...)

You see in this case that a MoR hit does not even 0,1% damage of a LTK hit.
Maybe you find some cases where the mantra does a bit better but its so far from being relevant.

So you never pick this mantra for its dmg while getting hit. you only take it for thr 10% IAS.

09/07/2017 11:54 AMPosted by KandyKane
What about mantras and followers, do they benefit from them?

I do think so. They are getting buffed by your mantras. Not that it really matters. They need to get hit 1000 times to let MoR deal the same damage as 1 LTK (in this example)

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