help with my monk

hello, my monk has pretty good stats on paper but it just seems to do really !@#$ty against elites and rift guardians.

I ahve put a bunch of time into my monk and it's giving me a really tough time

2.4m dmg and it still isnt getting the job done.

i just made a DH a few days ago with basic gear, very low gems and he just cleared a gr70 easily with only 800k dmg, my monk took so much more time to even get close to that point.

I have tried raiment set but thats even more glass canon than I am willing to play.

I would appreciate any suggestion to changing my setup for monk so that I can do higher rifts with him
I havent played Inna Gen myself yet but let me assume it plays similarly to rainment gen.

Overall your gear looks fine (not good but fine)except a few questionable rerolls:

Belt: Armor -> Vit
Both rings: roll CHC instead
left shenlong: 10% dmg -> iAS or areadmg

As i am looking over your gear, i realize you dont have a unity equipped on your monk? is this the setup you are running? definetly put on a unity instead of that restraint.

Other points:

-Use a stricken instead of esoteric gem
-Use 40% dodge rune on dash
-Use Seize the initiative instead of near death experience

For pushing:

I dont know what your cap is, but i imagine that your current gear (with unity) should be able to complete 75+
When playing gen monk, you will often find yourself in situation where you are just dying to much to elites. in fact the higher you go, the more elites you skip and just focus on getting good trash density and blow them up in a few seconds.

If you dont find success in this build, you could also go for the pure rainment variant. Or try a completly different build: Inna EP, Uliana EP, LON LTK

Feel free to ask if you have other questions
Like the poster above said, roll vit on your belt. Also if you can, try to get more pieces with secondary resist gear for your Harmony passive(Preferably Physical too if possible) since right now you only got 3 items with resist secondary.
As with Genmonks you are pretty squishy in general, try to use the 40% dodge chance rune on dash and keep it up always. And as the above poster also said the higher you go as Genmonk the more you start skipping instead of fighting elites that can 1shot you. It's the opposite of what many other builds do.
I currently have the same problem and am not sure what I need to do to make myself survive longer. I think it's most the smaller things like not having secondary resistance on most of my gear but i might be wrong. I can clear 75 fairly decently with 2.1 mil damage but toughness isn't anything fantastic IMO.

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