Game goes offline with error 1016

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For over 15 to 20 times I get to the main man in rifts to defeat and I get kicked offline and error 1016 comes. It is very frustrating for and old fart like me ( 80 + )
years. Been playing since atari and commadore days. I have 5 Diablo 3 accounts and this has happened on every account. PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME !!!!!!!!!!
Thank you, [removed]
e-mail = [removed - never post personal info in a public forum]

Could you please describe your internet connection for me?

For example, is it wireless or wired?

Is there any other internet activity taking place from another device on your network when you play the game?

What's the brand and model # of your modem?

Have you tried any steps to fix it yet and if so, what did you try?

Why do you have 5 Diablo III accounts? (just curious about this one, it has no effect on your issue)
I get this same error code 1016 whenever I try to get my dad logged into his account. As soon as the character screen loads it stays up for about 6 seconds and then the error code pops up and sends me back to the log in screen. I have tried full reinstall of the game and still same issue. He has a wired connection. Multiple things are connected to the router at any given time. 4-8 mobile/tablet devices plus 2-3 tvs and 1 computer. He has a Arris Surfboad #sbg6782-ac.
Any help on this would be great. I have even tried completely shutting off the AV program he has on the computer and it still gives the error code 1016 in about 5 seconds of making it to the character screen. Only thing that seems to have made any progress was before I reinstalled the game I switched it from fullscreen mode to windows mode and that allowed me to stay in the character screen as long as I wanted but as soon as I loaded a game the game would crash with another error screen... After reinstalling the game I tried changing to window mode again and now this doesn't even help.
Hi i am having the same issue i just get into the game and it goes back to the login screen i'm running a wired modem and not having any issues with other games we need answers soon or i'm just so frustrated i haven't played the game for a while since this keeps happening,please someone help Thanks
I'm having the same issues as well

i am also getting error code 1016 and cant even play the game for more than 20 seconds - it is unplayable. i have had the error in the past and it went away after i stopped playing for a week, now i havent played in over 3 weeks and simply cant play. I have tried the following; 32 & 64 bit version of game, opening as admin & 3 different network connections 1 including a hotspot. i dont understand how i can have this problem. I have a wireless connection and 3 - 5 devices would be attached to it at any given time - this has been the case for the entirety of playing the game.

I have played the game for 5 years and never had this problem i also have played the game for the last 2 years on this computer with this same network connection - why am i unable to play now? can someone please help and Blizzard can you get me a result as this is getting ridiculous

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