This patch better than ever!

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This patch better than ever, and my casual little Demon Hunter is doing better than ever!

But that means everyone else is doing better too, and now it will take a 107 just to get on the Solo DH board, which means my brand new high of 93 means nothing...
Almost sounds like you wanted them to buff you but no one else. Yes the buffs effect everyone equally and make the game much easier than it was before (still pretty easy then)
11/06/2017 03:55 PMPosted by Zelmourn
Almost sounds like you wanted them to buff you but no one else.

Or his comment sounds nothing like that.
That's the illusion power creep delivers. You get the perception of getting "better" while the discrepancy between board high ranks and the rest remains relatively similar. In the end, you didn't really get any better, but your numbers were bumped up a notch. Can't say I'm fan of that smoke and mirrors tactic, but I can certainly appreciate more builds being able to reach closer, which is far more important than pushing higher with whatever you were already playing. If they could only develop some real difficulty instead of lazy ever-growing bullet sponges....
This patch is a great improvement over the past patches because they actually tried (not necessarily succeeded) to balance out the sets in all classes.

Necro is a good example of a class which all sets being able to do GR100 and over. Pestilence set finally is able to do GR in line with the other sets, although I don't necessarily agree of the over reliance of one skill for the class, read LoTD.

Now if only they balance out all the classes and make LoN actually usable for all classes, then we will have true player build determined diversity.

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