Kridershot and Chakrams 2.6.1 PTR

Demon Hunter
So with all the buffs currently under testing, Elemental Arrow is something that hasn't been touched. Demon Hunter and Elemental Arrow is one of my favorite combinations. After testing, the Kridershot with Elemental Arrow with both the Unhallowed Essense and Marauder sets seems extremely weak in comparison to the Multi-shot or Cluster arrow variants.

Chakram is another skill that has been overlooked and performed very lackluster in the PTR.
I think the main problem with the Krider "slow ball" build is that the kind of crowd control abilities needed to make mobs stay put while we hit them with Krider is no longer available. Back then, mobs stayed almost still... now, it's impossible. Period.
Chakram is too long forgotten, unfortunately.
In light of the current updates to Multishot (i.e. Yang's and DML massive upgrades), Kridershot needs "Elemental Arrow deals +300-400% damage and attacks 50% faster" added to its power and Spines of Seething Hatred and/or Sword of Ill Will need a combined Chakram damage +300-400% and either a high single/few target bonus (e.g. extra 300% to first 3 targets hit) or a high attack speed modifier to compensate.
It's heartening to see that I'm not the only one who noticed the lack of Chakram love in the upcoming patch.

Krider builds are a close second for me, so I was doubly-saddened to see Elemental Arrow left out of the buffs.

Blizz, don't leave these skills behind!
As others have stated before, making Hunter's Wrath work with all generators, not just Primary Skills would be a great start. Both skills would benefit greatly from the added DPS and Attack Speed that they could at least be used for farming. One thing HW belt may sorta screw up is Slowball, not sure how that would work out with the AS bonus.

I don't want to see Krider reworked with simply slapping %EA damage on it, it is extremely hard item to find and that solution is simply lazy. Same can be said for Augustine's Panacea, adding more EA dmg there is not the answer, fix the skill not the items. However, Spines of Seething Hatred could use a Chakram buff on the quiver or do a buff to say 2.0-3.0 on Sword of Ill Will. Another solution is moving the EA/Chakram bonus off the M6 set over to UE, with the uselessness of sentry DPS neither skill really works well on M6 anymore. It is more of a individually fired skill and that is where UE could help it.

Lots of things can be done. Nothing has been touched since they got rid of auto casting sentries a while ago and some of our most iconic skill lay in waste and are useless for even farming. Would give anything to be able to play Immolation Arrow or Shuriken Cloud once again!!!!

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