Patch 2.6.1 items didn't get updated

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10/25/2017 02:46 PMPosted by Medivh
Kinda suspicious that they can retroactively change items if its for a nerf, but not if its a buff, to get people to play lmaooo

Most of the old nerfs were not item changes, so much as changes to how an affix worked. Take Magic Find for example. It is still on items, but after the heavy nerf to how MF works it is pointless to use MF gear anymore so the value of those items is diminished.

It's only on few items, not all of them.

With my Shadow gear, I had to change only 1 item, and with my Unhallowed Essence 2 items.
As I said, you don't need to change everything, maybe 1 or 2.
Many items that good reworked were announced in patchnotes, that existing gear will be changed....

for Example torchlight:

Reduces the Spirit cost of Wave of Light by 40–50% and increases its damage by 450-500%.

Note: Existing versions of this item will also be changed to include the damage roll in the orange text, but will always roll a damage roll equal to the previous maximum possible.

this applies to so many items, which good their damage % rolls increased or new orange affixes...
Bizzard u MUST change this! make a new patch before season where items get transforemd... u can not make a full primal charcter useless !
RIP D3, we had a good run. 05/15/12-10/24/17. Some may say this game died long before, but this put the nail in the coffin. Onwards to PoE!
I liked the changes and already found a new primal. Thanks Blizzard team for the update.
Go play guys instead of keep crying like babys.
We know that Green items gets the new rolls,

But with the introduction of primals you should atleast update those as the drop rate is low. or make it so that the cube converts the item to the new stats table.
I've left the game 3 months ago, because of this, hoping smth will change about this. Still nothing happened yet. I just want to say, I purchased the Necro just before this bullcrap happened and today I know, if I would have known that before I never would have purchased it or even recommended some of my friends to get this game. And saying it always happened before in patches (without primals being in the game) or it was in the patchnotes (which is still crap since saying you would do something terrible is not changing the fact that it is terrible). Now that I finaly got a primal weapon with the perfect set of stats, that I ACTUALY LIKE to use, I ended up with the feeling that a regular legendary would outclass it easily. Of course, if you can upgrade it that easy, it shouldn't be a problem, right? Do you guys actualy have a slight idea what kind of a grind you have to go through to get a very specific primal? Try it yourself! Try to get your fav weapon as primal and when you have it, look at it, feel great about your effort and accomplishment and then go deconstruct it! That is how you feel about it.

If I would love to grind up after every major patch, I would have keep on playing The Division. I rather throw my money at warframe. Or maybe it's time for Path of Exile.

I'm done
01/10/2018 06:40 PMPosted by BCTRGaming
I'm done

Thank god.
01/10/2018 07:36 PMPosted by TimberWolf
01/10/2018 06:40 PMPosted by BCTRGaming
I'm done

Thank god.

You're welcome
This game is just stupid. This is how they "keep it fresh", but basically whiping everybody's progress every couple of months. I wanted to pick the game up again and see if it was any good, but this is absolute garbage.

I wanted to try out the new Wizard build because I had perfect Primal rolls of Deathwish and Etched Sigil, but they actually changed the items so now the perfect primal rolls that I had are good as crafting materials.

What a !@#$ing fail.

Last time I come back to Diablo 3. Uninstalling now.
I'm "necro-ing" this thread to echo the same sentiment.

Primals are incredibly rare. Far more scarce than ancient set items. And yet, set bonuses automatically update to new stats with each patch/change. This includes weapons that are part of sets. My Primal Jesseth Scullscythe should forever be the best possible weapon for my solo Rathma build
If the Jesseth *set* bonus is ever modified to increase the 400% dmg for minions, my primal weapon (and ancient shield) remain updated, useful, and relevant in the new patch (unless they add a legendary power to one of the set items, but correct me if I'm wrong, D3 has never done this)

Why then, just to take the weapon slot for example (the slot in which a primal makes the most difference), are non-set legendary weapons *not* modified with new patches? Why this "prejudice"? If you can update the set bonuses of items, then you should be able to update the legendary powers of items.

Season-only players, if you disagree with me, then just move on. You have no place arguing against my point because well-rolled ancients serve perfectly well to get through the season, at which point you abandon your characters and could care less about their gear in the NS realm.

This is a straight-up insult to non-season players who view their characters as a long-term investment, to max everything, to push their build to its highest possible grift.

08/17/2017 02:08 PMPosted by Nevalistis

Simply put, it creates a lot of potential database issues, and the best way to ensure everyone stays on equal footing is to deprecate the older version of the items. When items are updated like this, they are technically dropping as entirely new items, which is why existing ones don't update.

So what you're telling me is A) You can update set bonuses and B) you can actually update some old legendaries with the old max roll of a new stat, without database issues?
For example, old Dead Man's Legacy had no orange multi-shot damage multiplier, but when it was updated, all old DML's added 100% MS dmg (orange text). Why is this possible if it creates database issues? Could you not have upgraded old DML with a random roll in the 150-200% range? Could a primal DML simply have been granted the max 200%?

Here's one reason why this is terrible, especially for multiplayer. A couple seasons ago I built a necro dps for rat runs, with a nice ancient Scythe of the Cycle. If, say, a year later I want to jump into D3 and do some NS ratruns, I'll be laughed out of the room, because the orange text dmg range for secondary skills has been increased to 350-400%, and my old Scythe is under 300%. I have to farm and farm and farm just to stay relevant. Instead of playing, I log off in frustration, realizing that I can't just jump into D3 once every few months and expect to be able to join group games.

If blizz won't update ancients, they should at least keep all Primal ancients updated and relevant given extreme scarcity of Primals and the difficulty of obtaining them. Show your loyal NS players a little respect.
@Agamemnicon : nice speech.... do make sure you post it in General Discussion where Blizzard may actually read it.

This forum is for reporting bugs... what you are describing/discussing is not a bug, but feedback or comment.

The first ground rule of this forum (cf. ) is :
Feedback is NOT a bug. Anything related to feedback, class balance, boss suggestions, etc. belongs in another forum.
I agree with the majority. I don't care about them updating. That's fine. But, update all the gear or, just don't. Ancients or,'s all the same. Players worked hard to get their items and blizz screws the pooch. Sorry, unacceptable. No one cares what they said or, did years ago. Knock off the stupidity and fix your mess, Blizz. No one should have to re-farm squat.

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