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Let's say you were doing 100 damage before taking into account CoE, EW, F+R, or 20% more fire damage.

EW gives you 100% more damage, so now you're doing 200 damage.
CoE gives you 200% more damage 1/4 of the time. So 1/4 of the time you're doing 600 damage, and the rest of the time you're doing 200 damage.

(200+200+200+600)/4= 300 damage.

F+R each give you 50% more damage, and these multiply with each other. So after F, you're doing 150 damage, and after R (when both are active), you're doing 225 damage.
If you've already got 20% fire on your bracers, then 20% more fire on your amulet gives you (140/120 = 1.1667), or a 16.67% damage increase.

(2.25 * 1.1667 = 2.625) i.e. you're doing 262.5 damage.

Your hellfire will also let you pick up a bit more dibs from a passive, either Brawler or Berserker Rage, whichever you aren't already using. If you've already got 15% boots, 15% helm, 10% Battle Rage, 20% Brawler, then adding Berserker Rage gives you (185/160=1.15625), or a 15.625% damage increase.

262.5 * 1.15625 =303.52 damage

So, for your particular gear, a F+R/Hellfire setup will be very comparable to an EW/CoE setup. But, remember that getting a Traveler's Pledge with good rolls will still be the best option.

(300 *1.1667=350 damage)
Rage, thank you so much for the teaching lesson, seriously amazing. I already have Berserker so adding Brawler gives ~12% for 294.3 damage vs 300 (I could do that math because of your post!).

I think it'll be best for me to start rolling Traveler's Pledges now :). I did a 105 NS yesterday and would like to get a bit higher before season 17. I might actually play a different class this season which will be weird because I've played Barb since day 1 of D3.
No problem, glad I could help.
There is a HC clear using PE in a 121! I messaged them and they told me to follow this guide. I haven't got all the gear yet but i'm loving this guide :D
Pickles i am rolling with F&R + hellfire setup all the time, didnt you read a post above your first reply, lols.
Turakam, oh I did and I even analyzed your character! That's why I started wondering if F&R would be better for me too :)

Rage, after your advice I went from 105 to 107. Thank you so much for that! I have only 13600 str so I am working on more augements. I know I need DPS to get much further than 108 too. What do you think about this plan of attack:

* Get boot and shoulders with health globe bonus so I have more sustain.
* Get a helm with Str, Crit, and HOTA damage.
Hey Pickles,

Your plan sounds fine. The augments are the part that will help you the most right away. Getting rank 100 augments on your boots, pants, helm, and shoulders will give you about 15% more damage, and significant extra toughness, too.

You could also try out Pain Enhancer. The extra attack speed from PE means your LPH and LPFS will be doing more for you. Of course, you'll then lose the 15% elite reduction from powerful, so it's a bit of a tradeoff.

Couple questions on IK Hota gear. I am gearing up a number of barb variants and as I find pieces I add to each one - hence questions on different forums.

Pants 1 - 693 - 603 str, 639 vit, 114 res, 7365 lak, 4.1% slow
Pants 2 - 718 - 583 str, 622 vit, 126 res, XP 230, 2.4% slow
Pants 3 - 661 - 614 str, 633 vit, 130 res, 7474 lak, XP 258

It seems to me that pant 3 is the best by far but I am not sure how the %slow affects the build - does it outweigh the increases in str, vit, res and lak that pants 3 have?

I also have Primal boots which I have not rolled but have the stats from the guide 590 - 650 str, 650 vit, 130 res, 15% HOTA, 35% gold, GHP - perfect stats so I am thinking of rolling the gold to 5.1% stun. Would that impact my decision above - ie having both a slow on pants and stun on boots have an impact?
Stun/chill/slow and freeze work as debuff, but they are not critical and should never be considered more important than primary rolls. I’d use pants number 3 and primal boots, I’d prolly leave them as is because down the road you may be rolling hota damage to something else (say unthinkable will happen and seismic slam will get fixed) besides, boots cannot roll stun secondary, gloves can. Only usable secondary besides HGB on boots for this build is pickup radius, and it is not worth to brick these boots with secondary re-roll especially that you already have hgb on them.
Off-topic, but what is with all the down votes?

GE/PTR trolls going nuts in here or what? DH make five more accounts?
Yeah, I don’t know who it is but it’s pretty annoying! Maybe forum mods should look into it and hand down a ban...
There are downvoting bots (web scripts) as well, this happens here and there around patching/season ending period past two years.
TY guys for the advice on the pants and boots. Unfortunately I had a brain fart and didn't read your response fully and rolled a 5.1% immobilize on the primal boots - doh.

So I have reread part IV of the guide and the math did make my brain sweat. I don't pretend to fully understand it but I do know that there is more "behind the scene" effects than what shows up on the inventory panel.

I get the basic gist about the difference between SA and BoTFM bracers and the cube options that go with each.

So I found a set of BoTFM bracers with 495% Hota increase (409- 20% fire dmg (rolled), 566 str, 555 vit, 4.5% CHC).

On the inventory tab it shows 1,866,863 dmg and 32.107,520 toughness but as Free has pointed out to me that that is not always the whole picture.

I have two sets of SA's I can use

1- 378 - 20% lightning dmg, 661 str, 650 vit, CHC 6% with 24% dmg on knockback which gives me a 1,919,178 dmg and 32,647,090 toughness in the inventory panel

2- 378 - 20% fire dmg, 563 str, 562 vit, CHC 6% with 21% dmg on knockback which gives me 1,912,356 dmg and 32,128,390 toughness in the inventory panel

So is the combo of BoTFM and magefist in the cube better than the SA options I have even though they have 1.5% less CHC, less str and vit?

If I have read the guide right the BoTFM option would be better as it provides constant uptime?
Damage wise for Smash Magefist will be better, but only if your @ss can take incoming damage. Because there is good reason behind the fact that Aquilla in cube is preferred by many players. Magefist are not conditional, they are always up, don’t sweat small chc/vit/str loss, 495% hota is nearly perfect and it will let you experiment a bit with cube armor slot.
is this where I post if I want advice on my build? I did a GR90 without dying and I would like to keep moving up. Other than going for more ancient pieces to replace the regular stuff, not sure what else I need to be looking at. Any suggestions?
Could someone do some fun math check for me? :)

* IK Helm 1: Str, 6% crit, 13% HOTA
* IK Helm 2: Str, Vit, 15% HOTA

According to D3Planner, the 6% crit increases my damage by ~7%
The HOTA stat changes my DPS by 30/28 = ~7%
So there is no reason to lose the VIT. Let me know if I'm missing something huge here like more additive bonuses to HOTA.
Jammur, you're in the right place for questions about IK HOTA. But, you should read through the guide (page 1 of the thread), and then come back if you have more specific questions. I took a quick look at your character sheet and the first two things I notice are that 1) you should probably swap out Unity for Convention of Elements, as this will give you more damage and let you push higher, and 2) You seriously need more area damage. There are lots of things for you to work on, but that would be a good start.

Pickles, you've made a few mistakes! I'll walk you through it.

So, with helm 1, your CHC for HOTA will be 86.4% (54% "base" + 32.4% from Fury)
With helm 2, your CHC for HOTA will be 80.4% (48% "base" + 32.4% from Fury)

And you have +584% CHD, which means that when you crit, in either case, you'll do 6.84 times as much damage.

So, imagine you're hitting an enemy 1000 times.
With helm 1, you'll crit 864 times, and non-crit 136 times.
(864 * 6.84) +136 = 6045.76
With helm 2, you'll crit 804 times, and non-crit 196 times.
(804 * 6.84) + 196 = 5695.36

6045.76 / 5695.36 = 1.0615. i.e. +6.15% damage using helm 1.

Now, losing 2% HOTA damage from your helm will cost you a little damage, but not nearly as much as you've figured. For one thing, +HOTA dmg% on helm and boots goes into a pile with 25% from your Berserker Rage and 10% from your Battle Rage. So it's actually +63% with helm 1, and +65% with helm 2. Also, remember that it's Damage Increased By Skill, so when you're calculating relative bonus like we are here, you're adding 100 to each side. If you had no DIBS at all, and were hitting for 100 damage before, you wouldn't get 15% HOTA damage on your helm, and suddenly start doing 15 damage. You'd be doing 115 damage.

In other words, it's not 30/28 = 1.0714, it's 165/163 = 1.0123, or +1.23% damage for helm 2.

So, since you're both gaining 6.15% damage and losing 1.23% damage from helm 1, it's 1.0615 / 1.0123 = 1.0486, or +4.86% damage from using helm 1 instead of helm 2. In reality, it'll be a little bit higher than that, since the extra CHC is going to increase damage dealt by BR: Bloodshed, but it's going to be around 5%.

Now you just have to weigh whether 5% more damage is worth losing 983 vit. Eventually, the answer will be "yes", but at your current paragon that might be too much of a toughness hit for you.
It’s all in the opening post fellas :D

Every 1% CHC “missing” from perfect rolls is roughly 1% damage loss. It also doesn’t scale with AD or bloodshed, basically if you would take all the damage you dealing combined (AD + Bloodshed + direct hits) and deduct 1% CHC from it, you will still lose about 1% overall damage, and other way around, if you increase chc by 1% you will deal about 1% more total damage.

Best helmet for end game is str/chc/hota, and as outlined in the guide if you cannot get or equip such helmet due to various limitations (RNG or low paragon) 15% hota roll is better than 6% chc (given you have rest of the CHC rolls where you suppose to) so your helmet should be str/vit/hota.

Do note that, with low overall chc (say missing 20+% from 99) missing CHC is worth little more than numeric value in damage. Also, in opening post there is detailed beakedown on gains for every DIBS roll/passive. I also personally preferr(ed) brawler over barserker rage, threshold for Barserker is very high (95% fury) and brawler have almost 100% uptime in comparison, besides few true single target RG.

Have fun fellas and thank you for helping out with maintaining this thread! I am probably gonna hopninto season later on for a tab, for now I’m not playing Diablo at all, till Brandy will tell me what exactly they are trying to fix with Barbs. I have several thousands of words archived from all of my previous ptr threads and battles that were never addressed.
Thanks Rage,

I been looking for a Convention of Elements, and oddly enough, not one has dropped for me yet. I went with Unity because I thought it would help me stay alive longer as I put one on my Templar. My fire damage bonus is over 50% though, even without CoE.

What should I sacrifice to get more Area Damage?

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