Need Helping Leveling My New Necromancer to Lvl 70 Plz!

New Player Help
Could someone help me level to 70? Any help would be totally appreciated! :) I just got to level 20 and would love someone to get me to 70 real quick! :)
Of course it would go quicker if someone power levels you, but you can power level yourself as well. Put a flawless royal ruby in your leoric's crown. Level a gem of ease to 25 on another character them craft a level 70 two handed weapon and socket the gem to make it usable by your necro. You should at least be wearing imperial gems found by your previous level 70's in your armor.
I have a Necro going through the main quest right now, but my other Necro (who I'm primarily running as my first Necro's apprentice) is primarily leveling herself in Adventure Mode rather than Campaign Mode. But yeah. High level gems and Gems of Ease are a pretty nice feature if you want to level a character fast in general.

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