Ideas for the 2.6.2 (or higher) patch...

Items and Crafting

Please consider the crafted sets too in a future patch, as they are in dire need of an update. I have a few suggestions for them below.

**Crafted sets with 4-piece bonuses or higher should add both some damage (not as much as a class set) and some damage reduction (around 50% is fair).

Here are some examples:

**Aughild's could be updated to add more melee/ranged damage reduction (10%, up from 7%) and slightly more elite damage and damage reduction (20%, up from 15%). New: Gain 50% damage reduction while attacking elites, and killing elites causes them to explode for 2000% weapon damage to all enemies within a 30-yard radius (4 pieces).

**Sage's could add 1000 to all stats and 250 resist all (2 pieces) and a 25% chance to drop DOUBLE the Death's Breaths (3 pieces).

Asheara's Vestiments:
250 to resist all (2 pieces),
30% life (3 pieces),
"All 3 followers fight at your side (permed), and for each follower standing, you and your followers gain a morale buff (up to 3) that grants 25% more damage (multiplier) and 15% damage reduction (multiplier)(4 pieces).
This amounts to 95% more damage (multiplier) and 52% damage reduction for the player AND their followers.

1. Organic summons (dogs, skeles, gargs, companions, fetishes, allies, ancients) do NOT get the damage bonuses.
2. However, temporary summons (hydras, sentries, phalanxes, skele mages, and etc.) DO.
3. To prevent "Unity abuses", limit the damage reduction granted from Unity and immortal tokens to ONE--or a max of 50% damage reduction. Even if 4 players wear Unity, have Asheara's, and put Unity's on all of their followers, 50% would still be the max.
4. Further specialization with Asheara's allows for a great multiplayer strategy (if more than 1 uses the set....) One might use immortal tokens to perm the damage and damage reduction buffs, one might use the "all-skills" tokens to grant the party all of their followers' abilities, and another might use the "cooldown" tokens to cast Healing or their other favorite skills TWICE as fast.
5. All 3 of their portraits would appear just to the right of the player's portrait, and you can retrain all 3 or rearm all 3--even on the battlefield (but not in a G-rift).

Born's could reduce cooldowns AND resource costs by 12.5% (part of the 3 piece bonus).

Cain's might be best for leveling up (without changes), as its current bonuses offer little beyond that purpose...otherwise, it would need to be redone altogether. (The first option might be best for this one.) New: 30% more damage vs. NORMAL enemies (a multiplier vs. non-elites--or "trash white mobs") and 50% damage reduction while attacking "white" mobs (4 pieces).

For Captain Crimson's set, up the regeneration to 15,000/sec and the resist all to 250. The res cost red and cooldown %'s are fine :)

Demon's Hide: 20,000 Fire damage as thorns (up from 6,000)--(2 pieces), 50% chance of Area Damage (up from 25%) on hit (3 pieces), 20% damage to Demons AND Beasts, with a 20% chance of repelling projectiles (4-piece). **NEW: 15% chance of CHARMING demons that attack you for 4 seconds and gain 50% damage reduction for 8 seconds after doing area damage on the attack (also 4 pieces)---Charm does NOT work on BOSSES/RGs/Juggernaughts.

Guardian's: up the Vit to 500 and regeneration to 15,000 life/sec (2 pieces), and make the 15% movement work beyond the 25% cap (3 pieces).

Hallowed Defenders are hardly used with their current props at all...

Make Blackthorne's a CRAFTED set, and upgrade it.

Current BT:

+250 Vitality and increases damage against elites by 10% (2 pieces)
Reduces damage from elites by 10.0% and +25% Extra Gold from Monsters (3 pieces)
^Character becomes immune to Desecrator, Molten, and Plagued monster affix ground effects (4 pieces)
^The latter bonus protects players from both Molten lava streams and post-death Molten explosions. (from the Diablo wiki)

Ideas for changing BT:

2 pieces--500 Vit and increases damage vs. elites by 15% (up from 10%)
3 pieces--Reduces damage from elites by 15% AND *gain a stack of absorbed power (up to 10) for 5 seconds each time you are hit by an elite's elemental attack/affix. (Still, you won't want to stand in the middle of a group of arcane beams to do this--not just yet.)
4 pieces--Player becomes immune to elite "ground effect affixes" AND **can cause them to BACKFIRE against the monsters by standing in their area of effect.

*Stacks of Absorbed Power--each stack grants 5% damage to your attacks for the same elemental attack you absorbed for 5 seconds. This buff is a MULTIPLIER as a whole--whether 5% at its least or 50% at its maximum. Warning: You still take damage from these attacks with just the 3-piece bonus, so while you might gain stacks, they won't help you much if you die from taking too much damage.

**You gain immunity to: Frozen (cold build-up to area explosions--ground), Plagued (poison pools), Desecrator (fire pools), Molten (flaming trails and explosions), Arcane Enchanted (beams), Electrified (charged bolts), Orbiters (electrical orbs), and Poison Enchanted (streaking blobs) AND you can cause Frozen explosions, Molten explosions, Plague pools, Orbiter orbs (stand in the MAIN one), Poison streaks (stand in the blob's center), and Arcane Beams (stand in its base) to damage the monsters instead by standing in the midst of them. (Example: A Frozen monster spawns ice grenades on the ground, you step into the area of its effect before it detonates, and it blows up--damaging all the monsters in its area of effect instead of you.)

This would make Blackthorne's sort of into a "revenge set"--punishing monsters with their own effects. (Effect damage is limited to 1000% of YOUR weapon damage/second for DoT effects. Ice and Molten explosions are instant damage up to 10000% of your weapon damage. )

Doe's NOT work with Frozen Pulse, Mortar, Jailer, Fire Chains, Thunderstorm, or Reflects Damage--which can't be used against monsters. They will still damage you as well.

Ways to buff followers...

1. Triple their natural life regeneration (and the Templar's "Loyalty" regeneration boost). This would give them around 19K/sec regen on hit points, and double that with the Templar active.

2. Socketed Tokens (to let them use ONE leg gem) OR...

3. A *"Residual enchantment" on any item that a follower uses with a Caldesann boost (legendary gem was rank 80 or higher). *Less than 80 won't give this bonus effect. Yes, they'd still get the Primary stat bonus (+400 minimum required). **Player characters don't get these benefits.

*Residual enchantment means that the follower:

a) Gets 20% of the legendary gem's powers that was used to enchant (Caldesann) their item--both the primary and secondary property. (If a level 80 W. Gizzard was used, they would get 20% of the life regen bonus, or 18,000 life/second.) They would also get the shielding (200% of their total life regeneration).

b) Toxin, Miranae, Wreath, and the Red Soul Shard could add some nice elemental procs (though at 20% potency for damage).

*Toxin's Caldesann effect would grant a minimum 1200% weapon damage over 10 seconds (at rank 80). Toxin's secondary effect would reduce damage taken by 2% and make poisoned monsters take an additional 2% from all sources of damage. *If all 3 followers can be up and use this effect, they DO stack.

*Miranae would do 20% of its Smite damage, gain an extra smite/3 secs, and also heal a follower when smiting an enemy (3%).

*The RSS will stun followers--unless you Caldesann one of their items with the Invigorating Gemstone (will make them immune to cc).

^^The following leg gems WON'T work with this: Bane of Powerful, Gogok of Swiftness, Bane of Stricken, Boon of Hoarder, Enforcer, Gem of Ease, Iceblink, Moratorium, Taeguk.

If Bane of the Trapped or Zei gems are used to Caldesann a follower's gear, they get 20% of the damage multiplier from the item, and if you have those gems equipped, they get the full multiplier from yours too. That means for BotT, that they'd get your 39% boost vs. cc'd MULTIPLIED by their 7.8% boost (rank 80 used). The same goes for Zei---52% boost (at max range) multiplied by their 10.4% boost from their Caldesanned item. *They DON'T get an additional multiplier from the OTHER followers though, and you don't get the multipliers that the followers gain either--this lets them gain a little ground ;)

^^They would also get the "Slow Aura" and the chance to stun of these gems (but the stun chance would be 4%).

Simplicity's Strength treats their BASIC attacks (standard SINGLE shot--Scoundrel, magic missile/weapon swing--Enchantress, and weapon swing--Templar) as PRIMARY skills (though they'd get only a 13% damage multiplier from the Caldesanned effect at rank 80). They WOULD get the 4% healing/hit though.

Boyarsky's would give 20% of the thorns damage and still do the Taunt effect (from their basic attacks only).

Pain Enhancer will do 20% of its Bleed damage on Crit Hit, and give them the 3% increased attack speed/bleeding enemy within 20 yards.

Thoughts? Also, please feel free to share some of your own ideas here too :)

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