D3 should look at GW2 PVP System

The idea is simple, All pvp players are set to lvl 70 and each character has a separate pvp setting where you pick:

  • Your basic main/off hand weapon without stat boost (to enable some weapon-dependent skills)
  • The skills you're gonna use (maybe some skills are banned for pvp)
  • The armor you're wearing won't increase your stats, it's only cosmetic
  • No pasives (or maybe some are banned for pvp)

This setting can be stored in a similar way than the armory, so they won't spend too much time on the development of this feature.

This PVP system will require the player to learn the mechanics of the character, instead of stats boost, in order to have more chances to win (competitiveness).

What do you think guys, is this a good idea?
I like it but asking players to actually learn how to pvp instead of relying on gear is a big ask.

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