Diablo 2.6.6 Wishlist - necro WD revamp

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Have completely brainstorm and redone the necromancer section. Necromancer can really use some build diversity.


I suggest to make witch doctor the pet caster, in which pet will cast spell together with the witch doctor, like the carnevil build. While necromancer can use pure pet build and also benefit from pet enhanced spell, in which a pet is used to cast a enhanced version of certain spell.

a revive build - make revive work with the pet set

a pure command skeleton build - make revive summon skeleton that is also commandable by command skeleton skill

strength in number - each summon of the same type increase your armor by 4% and damage by 2%

Bone spirit and bone golem - after activating bone golem, your next bone spirit will deal 1000% increased damage to all enemies within 20 yards radius

gameplay use bone golem to group enemies in a distance, move backward and release bone spirit at a distance for max damage

Skeleton and bone spirit - when a skeleton summon is killed, it release a bone spirit, work with kill command and devour - ruthless

Flesh golem and corpse explosion - flesh golem release 10 extra corpse explosion with final embrace rune

Grim scythe build - an bracer to increase damage and attack speed of grim scythe would work great, the build also need another essence spender that can dump all essence at once

Bone spear
Bryner’s journery - bone spike now deal the same damage as unruned bone spear

Blood spear is removed and changed to a single target all in essence spender, increase damage of bone spear by 100% to the first enemy hit
Blighted marrow is removed and changed to an all in multiple target spender, increase damage of bone spear by 20% per extra essence spend


Also added clan and single player revamp suggestion

Single play revamp: https://drive.google.com/file/d/181dW6ttaxMhJpAJe3aGohXnKQffJbpjH/view?usp=sharing

Trading and clan revamp:

Paragon revamp:

Feel free to comment and feedback on the idea.
Updated the wishlist based on Voidcaster leaderboard summary

All Classes:
Demon Hunter:
Witch Doctor:

new build and game play style: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1BxLJl-Cp8chUuyrcA8UN7ywrROK9NMb5 (updated april 2)
Wow! Not saying I agree with everything included in the pdf but A+++++ for effort, pretty awesome report.
Congrats and I hope you get some of your wishes to come true.
I would love to see something done with crafting I have not made anything but hellfire amulets in almost two years!
As a Call of the Ancients Barb fan since Vanilla, I LOVE YOUR IDEAS for CotA :)

Job well done all around with everything, I really hope Blizzard takes a look at this.
Awesome work! +1

Seriously, that's epic.
Blizzard needs to hire you!
I like that you have combined all of these several resource passives into a single one.

I also liked the idea of giving elemental damage bonus to the immunity amulets.
and again you did a great job Xel :) I hope the developers will appreciate it
Even though I didn't like some ideas and thought that some numbers are way too high, it's simply A for effort.
Most of those are pretty on point! Keep up the good work.
cool stuff
Thank you for all the kind word and appreciation
Great stuff here. I'm particularly fond to the chakram build suggestions. It's something I'd really love to play more often, but it's just so underpowered currently =(.
XelNagaIvan, can you add there one else needed change for Crusaders?

Iron Skin - now basic duration is 9 seconds.

This is my wish for next patch.
This needs to be upvoted further.... very good illustration and some pretty good ideas too...
Quite some work, although the sea of hydra's would truly shine if casting one hydra would cast them all. :)
And one not mentioned there but what would probably help us all is a automatic skill repeater like you have in GW2. The numlock trick stinks compared to that.
Man this is great work! +1
Better than pitching to the Shark Tanks :P
11/11/2017 11:36 PMPosted by Gardemarin
XelNagaIvan, can you add there one else needed change for Crusaders?

Iron Skin - now basic duration is 9 seconds.

This is my wish for next patch.

I added an idea related to iron skin.
11/12/2017 07:48 AMPosted by XelNagaIvan
I added an idea related to iron skin.
I saw, but this is just for one build. And i ask about "global" change for all builds and it's variations.
Since the topic is highly-rated ...so devs maybe really check your wish-list, and they will see that Iron Skin very needed up-time buff. I hope you understand what i mean.
May be this will be a better version of it. Gonna edit it and added to the pdf tonight.

Hallowed Bulwark:
Iron Skin grants an additional 10% damage reduction and last for 2 seconds longer

Blocked attacks heal you and your allies for 50% of the amount blocked and also increases your Block Amount by 45 - 60%. (Crusader Only)

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