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Have played for weeks trying to get the gibbering gemstone hundreds of kills on chiltara in the caverns of frost gem just will not drop anyone else having same problem? Any hints or tips best chance ? I've tried on adventure mode and well as normal
Mode tried normal Difficulty up to t6 just can't get it to drop anyone else wanna get together try to farm it with me? Always looking for friends to level
Forgot to say I'm on Xbox one
RNG. And before you say "but I farmed for weeks" I will say again RNG. It's a very rare item. It personally took me months to acquire it.
I got lucky and Id get it almost every time I fought. the gem is not a 100% drop.

and it was totally unnecessary to make a bug report about this, when you just posted this here... this game isn't supposed to be easy and any time you go for something you get it automatically.. this is a farm and grind game.. and RNG determines a lot in a game like this..
I've been playing diablo since the original game came out 20 years ago I know how the game works I understand that it is a super rare drop but when you don't know for sure if it is a bug on my console or not - with multiple updates and seasons anything is possible -
If it was a bug it will affect ALL platforms since everyone gets the same patch. Very rarely after a patch an item gets bugged (only exception till now be Hellcat waistguard in patch 2.5 which affected all platforms).
Am I still possible to link my Xbox account with the battle net website ? Or is that not an option anymore ? Keep getting a page 404 not found
You can but there is zero benefit from doing it. I can't remember but it is somewhere on account management.
if you are referring to seeing your character here, the answer is no.. never could see console characters on the website.. and this far into the game probably won't be able to either.
RNG is the factor in getting it. For me, it was a constant grind and reset one after the other until I got it.
Do the kill chiltara bounty ad nauseum until you get it.
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It's the #$%^ RNG. Gibbering Gemstone dropped for me 1st time I killed Chiltara on XBOX. Seasonal Adventure Mode - Normal (just a few days ago). I killed Isual about a dozen times to get the plans. Also had to run Cathedral I a few dozen times to find the mushroom.

I had to kill her dozens of times on PC to get her to drop it. <shrug>
Since I can't make a thread, or interact with the other forums, I'm hijacking this one.

With the %1200 increase to damage that comes with the S2 bonus, has anyone tried a thorns DH?
you must understand thorns first, it means you need to stand in the middle of everything taking as much damage so you benefit thorns to the fullest potential.

Your gears is so insane or hard to gear that I will be impress if you actually want to go for it... you need THORNS in every item you need to trade your CHD weapon to yellow gems.

now assuming you are that lucky to roll thorns in every S6 gear, the hardest part is your Lgem you need to sacrifice BOTT or Gogek or BOTP/Pain for Boyarsky Lgem

Your final S6 DH is a physical build so you only gain No Rune or grevious wound you cannot use the impact rune because for every stun you are not doing thorns dmg.. yes it means your valve no rattling roll too :(

your thorns is not the greatest even if you have the ALL the desire gears, your impale is deeply dampen... yes the answer is you might be in the high Grift with the same DH who play S6 being light or cold but first good luck in gearing your physical DH

or try DH nats6 that is 3500% once ROV is cast but again nats6 DH is range so all of us valve out to safe corner you be valving in to the monster den :P
I haven't had a chance to play in a few days, but I do think TXIII farming got a whole lot faster with ditching wolf for bolas with BC leveled a bit. Impale was always one-shotting everything so Hatred was an issue before.
Hack with Dawn cubed might work, unless I kept wearing Karlei's and maxed rolled CDR and cube Hack and OrotZ for perma-vengeance for higher GR's. My S6 build never used AC anyway (wore witching hour, cubed chain) so I could slot in HoI or wraps of clarity, ditch ER and keep CoE. When I get a chance to play this weekend, I'll level boyarski's to ~90 and see if BotT, BotS and BC is viable 90+.
I really do not want to differ you from your playstyle because it is always the players who want to differ & play something else than BOOM they might think of some build which might works while mostly just copy the LB builds :p

but you need to understand the basic & core about almost everything so you can go fully experience on other playstyle... since you mention S6

A t13 S6 it always upset me when I go public games I see players having COE, again that is player choice... I will explain why if you only 100dmg to kill everything in T13, even RG might take 300dmg... so assuming only 3 extra shots from impale... YOU DUN NEED 1000DMG because it is more towards waste stats on DMG whereas you could trade all that for more speed.

My mate T13 s6 build...
Belt: COS/Krelm's

Passive: Tactical Advantage, Cull the Weak, Ambush, Awareness
he plays HC so awareness is a must but you can always trade awareness for leech or whatver passive that suits you.

Vengence is always Seethe because of hated managment since almost everything dies in 1shot.

Rings/ammy: Elusive is the only need, you can go hellfire ammy or others your choice but I know Elusive & avarice is always on his build & nope he is not using C/R set so ammy might be hellfire IDK

Lgems: Boon/BOTT/BOTP

this is towards an understand of S6 playstyle can it match a UE MS T13 the answer is YES, UE is an AOE build S6 is an elite killer build so if you are hunting trash (of cause if bounties allows you to kill 150 you have to so that is why seethe or should I say you press vengence only needed) you are doing it wrong, next you are defitely killing elites faster than any UE MS,

next you might think hey the toughness is nonsense to begin with, well my friend you are valving 90% of the time & almost EVERY TRASH/ELITES is stun :) & you are still going to almost 1shot everything. So if you meet any1 & impale of cause you be out of hated with seethe but you should valve to your goal since you are having insane speed.

So now my friend you know this S6 T13 build, you are welcome to explore the thorns build S6 which is way harder to gear but again we never know it might be good luck & have fun farming /grinding

PS: I forgot if he cube dawn or in-geon yes I know in-geon is pretty hard to farm if you play excusive DH,
At Gr85 or lower, Dawn is pretty much useless in the cube, which is why I thought of trying this...managed to get on for a few rifts with Hack in the cube and BC in a gem slot, and the damage inconsistency is nuts..bolas freezing strike will deal a few thousand damage on 2/3, and the third will hit for close to a billion on crit...same thing with FoK, one dude gets hit for a ton, the rest nothing. 1/3 Impale over a trillion...that was fun. The gear and rolls would be insane trying to make this viable, and you couldn't do any kind of AoE damage...max ST dmg, max CDR, max IAS, max +%PHYS....I don't think I have the time to make this work this season.
Thorns do not CRIT mate :p

whatever hack is doing is your TOTAL thorns dmg not your OVERALL dmg...

assuming thorns dmg is 100 you only do 100 regardless what hack says so your impale/kalai is doing on XXXdmg & 100thorns dmg whatever crit is your overall dmg not your thorns

to make it clearer thorns dmg is only counts at S2 bonus/hack/Lgem etc

not trying to disrupt your gameplay but you are not using THORNS at it's fullest potential why??? thorns DO ZERO dmg when your enemies is freeze/stun/ again if you slow enemies it means enemies hit you slowly or worse since you are S6 when everything is almost 1shot...

remember this again thorns apply when enemies hit you

now whatever Boyarsky Lgem or hack numbers numbers saying you do XXX dmg yes it looks a lot but it means nothing because you deal XXX thorns dmg.

now a mere dawn beats everything yes it might look just 40%dmg on vengence but it is a MULTIPLY of 40% of your TOTAL DMG which is your total impale dmg everything include thorns :p

dawn again with almost 100% upkeep of 40% extra dmg plus you forgot Seethe rune means you can almost freely impale on T13... when things dun 1shot you can easily change seethe to the origin of dark heart with again gives you extra DR & endless impale :) you see to it fits

I have a rule being a dead DH is never a good DH, when you are dead or cannot hold your ground whenever COE/good position/sentries placing it done but cannot hold it to input more dmg on trash/RG/Elites... it is never a good DH build or I need to understand more to balnce my toughness N dps :) but again that is me playing D3 not grind more paragons/ get my Lgems up more 10levels theory to clear my highest solo brick wall

again how everyone wants to play D3 is their style or game I cannot stop it but I can go against it n play my own style :)

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