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Greetings brothers!

In this thread I will attempt to help everybody in understanding, gearing and playing Might of The Earth build, popularly known as “Leapquake”. It has several viable variants, and results you will get will vary based on variation used, gear quality and skill choices. I do not own it, I didn't create it, and this build was made by and belongs to community. It all evolved from Physical EQ and there is a long list of players that have influenced that build.

Kingdo, Aegis, Tao, Nubtro, Dakkon, Archael, R!ck, King Benjamin, these are just a few from many that have contributed to this build in many ways. For some of you it will be nothing new. For others this may be entirely new build. I’ll try to keep it simple and understandable, but there will be a lot of curly parts because this build – unlike Whirlwind based on Wastes for example – does not reinforce “Item A with X,Y,Z rolls mandatory”, this build gives you room for tweaking your gear and finding the right blend of DPS and mitigation that fits your playstyle. You can make this build work almost anytime, as long as you will follow few basic “rules of the thumb” and understand how this build operates. Yes, there is “min-maxing” and “end game pushing” that will be covered here as well, but this build was - and still is - most casual friendly, reliable and consistent for solo progression. You can use 2 basic elements, Physical and Fire and I’m giving you fair warning folks, this is not going to be most orthodox guide around here. You will have to read it in full because otherwise you will not understand it, if you new to this build. Let’s go than!

Basic terminology used:

- BoM – Band of Might
- CoE – Convention of elements
- MoTE – Might of the Earth set, but I may use that abbreviation thinking about Fire EQ and nothing else.
- APD’s – Ancient Parthan Defenders
- GoG – Girdle of Giants
- EQ – Earthquake
- LQ - Leapquake
- CDR – Cooldown Reduction
- RCR – Resource Cost Reduction
- Insanity – Wrath of the Berserker, Insanity rune
- TS – Threatening Shout
- Falter – Threatening Shout, Falter rune
- Rumble – Seismic Slam, Rumble rune
- F+R – Focus and Restraint, aka Bastions of Will ring set
- CHC – Critical Hit Chance
- CHD – Critical Hit Damage
- AD – Area Damage
- LPFS – Life per Fury Spend
- HGB – healing Globe Bonus

I. Basic stuff, in form of Q nad A

What gear do I need to get started?

- 6 pieces of Might of the Earth set
- Blade of The Tribes
- Focus + Restraint
- Ancient Parthan Defenders/Nemezis Bracers/Strongarm Bracers/Bracers of Destruction
- Girdle of Giants
- Hellfire amulet with desired passive/Eye of Etlich/any good DPS amulet

What do I need in my cube?

- Furnace/Ingeom/Fury of The Vanished Peak
- Lut Socks
- Band of Might/Convention of Elements/Avarice Band

What legendary and armor gems will I need?

Bane of The Trapped, Bane of The Stricken and Esoteric are your primary gems. Zeis and Powerful will come in handy as well. Boon of the Hoarder is good for T13 farming. For armor, higher up in GR you will use all diamonds, but rubies can serve you long in early game.

How this build operates?

It has one of the most complex synergy between set bonuses, complimentary items and skills among all barb builds. Majority of your damage comes from stacking Earthquakes on the ground coped with solid amount of Area Damage, Earthquakes are result of:
- (4) piece set bonus that will cast an Earthquake where you will land every time with your Leap
- Lut Socks that will let you Leap 3 times in a row before Leap will begin its cooldown
- Blade of the Tribes that will cast an Earthquake every time you will use War Cry and Threatening Shout
- Casting Earthquake from your skill bar

Due to Earthen Might passive, each triggered EQ will grant you 30 fury, coped with fury generated by skills itself (Leap, WC, TS) successful “cycle” should leave you with full Fury globe, which you will dump using Seismic Slam, to trigger (2) piece set bonus that will remove – if geared and played properly – remaining cooldown from Leap, allowing you to start the cycle again immediately. Using Seismic Slam have a side benefit of activating legendary affix from Girdle of Giants, that will provide additional bonus to all the damage your EQ’s are doing for 3 seconds afterwards, as well as activating spender part of Focus and Restraint set. I know, it sounds complicated, but it is very intuitive once you will get around it. This build have its own flow, all you have to do is try to not interrupt it:)

Are they any “fixed” values of stats I have to pay attention to?

Yes, this build plays best with 33.33% CDR, which means that you will have to:
- Max CDR in paragon points
- Socket perfect diamond in your helmet
- Get 2 rolls of 8% CDR on gear
- Because of the (2) set bonus removing the cooldown per amount of fury spend, you will also max out Fury in paragon and try your best to get + max fury secondary rolls on weapon and belt. This way you will be able to spend more fury with Rumble and assure prompt removal of cooldown from Leap
- Playing with less CDR (one 8% slot instead of 2)is possible, but please read entire guide to understand it in full
As a general rule of the thumb, you will not compromise CHC or CHD on any item for any reason, unless it will be “early game” in season and you will really need to get some “band aid” going on.

What is the weakest side of this build?

Sustain. Unlike WW or HoTA this build does not recover any substantial amount of life between “fury dump” (Rumble) that heals you via LPFS. In reality it means that at certain content regardless of amount of mitigation you will have, you will be forced to leap away from density on 3rd Leap and re-heal from distance. You cannot control your sustain, it comes in bursts on the end of each cycle.

Second weakest side of this build is lack of immunity to crowd control effects, when you are not under Insanity. This may be a major hiccup sometimes, frozen, jailer, trash that leaps and stuns/knocks you back, some RG’s, there is quite a bit of things that can mess you up because of that.

What should I prioritize in paragon?

- Max Fury
- Cooldown reduction
- Area Damage
- CHC and CHD
- Life/all res/armor

As general rule, you should not put any points in Resource Cost Reduction. Your healing comes from spending fury, less you spend, less life you get back. Even though your main fury dump (Rumble) does not suffer from it (curtesy of Nubtro for checking it just recently), hard cast EQ from the bar or Battle Rage (if you using it) do take RCR into consideration. Movement speed is not mandatory for Fire EQ, you should be leaping, not running around. You don’t have to max it out, especially if you don’t have the paragon for it.

II. The Gear, The Works

As I said before, this build does not reinforce “Item A with X,Y,Z rolls mandatory” stuff, however it does have few standards that you will have to meet. We will start with setting up some ground rules about the rolls on items. I will track you down and leave empty beer cans on your lawn if you will ignore these:
- All sockets in armor and jewelry are mandatory, not optional
- Outside of Boots, we don’t really want to see any Armor rolls in primary properties. Armor comes from strength.
- If item can roll CHC or CHD you will get these rolls on.
- Attack Speed does nothing valuable for that build. Yes I know, this number on sheet looks cool, but you don’t want to have it on your gear. For speeds ASI on GoG may not hurt you at all (it will provide a side benefit of slightly faster animation of Slam) but for GR there is few more valuable rolls that will give you much higher benefits)
- LPFS is a roll that you can get on weapon and belt only. It is very valuable roll, and your best bet is to have it on gear.

Remember, this build needs to obtain 2 slots of 8% CDR, and as much AD as possible. Because there is multiple places where these can roll, and they are “competing” rolls on same pieces of gear, on all the gear below you will find what we consider mandatory rolls, leaving up to you and your Rngesus where you will get AD and CDR. Some things are intentionally omitted here, visit “Min Max” section of this guide to dig little deeper into optimizing rolls. For clarity purposes items that can roll AD/CDR or in general have few options to choose from will gain “X” remark in place of one (or 2) primary property.

Helmet – STR/VIT/CHC with Physical resistance and “Reducing duration of control impairing effects” (These are optimized rolls that will not change even if you will get to min maxing stage)

Pants – STR/VIT/All Res with Life after Each Kill and Pickup radius secondary. Again, these rolls are optimized for any scenario. If you happen to have STR/VIT/Armor with Physical resistance, you may use them as well, but there is few other slots where we can pick up Physical Resistance while All Res slots are very limited

Boots – STR/VIT/All Res/Armor with Healing Globe Bonus and Pickup Radius secondary. 15% Seismic Slam damage instead of Armor is perfectly acceptable, but it will depend on what variant you will be using. If you using Furnace in cube, you rather go with Armor roll, if you using FoTVP in cube, you will get Seismic Slam instead.
Chest – STR/VIT/All Res. Range/melee deduction or healing globe bonus are considered desired/good secondary. Now, If you have a chest that instead of All Res will have Elite Damage Deduction, 15% life or 15% EQ damage (read min-max section about that last roll) while having Physical resistance secondary it is also perfectly useable.

Gloves – CHC/CHD/STR/X with Physical resistance secondary. Pickup radius/chance to stun are bonus secondary rolls, good for you if you can get them WHILE having optimal primary rolls. Gloves are one of the items where you will be looking for CDR or AD, if you receive blessing from Rngesus, you will find gloves that we call “Quadfecta”. These Gloves will let you get CHC/CHD/AD/CDR at the price of STR and VIT. Do not actively chase “Quad Gloves” (aka don’t be reforging gloves just for sake of getting them), they are not mandatory and they are very “expensive” to equip if you don’t have high paragon to back it up. 1000 STR is quite a bit to compromise.

Shoulder – STR/X/X/X with Pickup Radius and Healing Globe Bonus secondary. Shoulders are pretty complicated item because they can roll 3 rolls you may be looking for, which are CDR, AD and EQ damage. On top of it, they typically roll with VIT and All Res, so you will be making some hard choices based on rest of the gear (how much CDR you have elsewhere, how many slots of All Res you have, can you afford to get AD on them) and paragon levels at your disposal. At lower paragon, you may be rolling with STR/VIT/All Res/X where X will be your CDR or AD. Higher up you may be rolling with STR/VIT/AD/CDR or STR/All Res/CDR/AD, based on your total life pool. You may be chasing the carrot of STR/CDR/EQ/AD shoulders. Remember, you can make it work as long as you will get 33.33% CDR and maximize AD.

Belt – STR/VIT/LPFS/X with Max Fury secondary. Your X will be either 15% life (if you will have secondary resistance, physical ideally) or All Res (if no secondary resistance present). You will be rolling off attack speed for desired 4th roll because this belt comes with guaranteed attack speed roll. Remember, attack speed does nothing for you.

Bracers – 20% Elemental/CHC/STR/VIT with either melee/ranged deduction or physical resistance. Regardless of the kind of bracers you will be using, these are the rolls you need on them.

Amulet – 20% Elemental/CHD/CHC/Socket. Physical res/“Reducing duration of control impairing effects”/melee or ranged deduction are considered good secondaries. This amulet may not be easiest thing to get, so if you have STR/CHC/CHD it is always a useable alternative (some details on that will be in min-max section)

Rings – CHD/CHC/Socket/X with Physical resistance. Healing Globe bonus, “Reducing duration of control impairing effects”, Life after Each kill are all good secondary rolls. Your “x” is where you will be looking for CDR/AD, STR is acceptable there early game, as long as you can get needed CDR elsewhere.

Weapon – STR/10% Damage/LPFS is your “safe and solid” bet. 190%+ Earthquake damage is what you need, along with max fury in secondary.
As long as you don’t have attack speed, resource cost reduction, chance for bleed, life per hit or elite damage on it, you can make it work with just about any other primary stat combination. Unrollable 10% CDR? Expensive, but you only need 8% CDR roll elsewhere than. 24% AD? Expensive as well, but it is damage after all, not like you are gimping your build with undesired rolls. Vitality? Oh well, toughness doesn’t hurt. Yes, some weapons will make it difficult for you down the road, lack of LPFS for example may force you to pick some other passives and grab some HGB in secondaries, inability to get 10% Damage is decreasing your overall DPS, but you can use these weapons to farm something that will be Best in Slot for you, as long as you keep an eye on your CDR and AD value. I cleared 96 in season 10 at 1700 para using STR/CDR/AD weapon because it was the best I could get. I had highest MoTE clear in season 8 while using 10%/AD/CDR weapon (no STR, LPFS, or Vitality) at paragon 1300. It is all possible, you just need to understand the build and balance rest of the gear and skills accordingly.

III. Skills

Mandatory active skills

1. Earthquake – Molten Fury for Fire EQ, Cave In for Physical EQ
2. Seismic Slam – Rumble
3. Wrath of the Berserker – Insanity
4. Leap – Death from Above/Call of Arreat depending on APD’s usage
5. Threatening Shout – Falter
6. War Cry (Veterans Warning/Impunity) or Battle Rage (Bloodshed/Into the Fray)

Mandatory passive skills

1. Ruthless
2. Rampage
3. Earthen Might

You have 1 or ideally 2 passives slots open. I consider well rolled HFA best amulet for this build, Eye of Etlich is perfectly OK as well, but good passive will beat range damage deduction from EoE.

DPS passive skills of your choice:

- Brawler
- Boon of Bul-Kathos

Defensive passive skills of your choice

- Relentless
- Nerves of Steel
- Superstition

Utility passives of your choice (handy when you struggling with the build, proper amount of CDR or max fury secondaries and proper rotation)

- Animosity
- Superstition
- Bloodthirst

Few words about these skills

Ruthless – Kicks on when enemies meet lower life threshold. In CoE variant this skill can finish off 2-3 packs of elites on one properly timed Insanity cycle. It will help you greatly with RG fights. Do not go out without it, unless you are doing some 4-5 minute GR runs.

Rampage – 25% to STR is nothing to sneeze at. That’s 25% straight damage and armor increase. One of our best passives.

Earthen Might – this is how you get your fury bruh, if you will forget to slot it you will find yourself stuck on the ground pretty often

Brawler – it is additive damage that is little bit diluted due to EQ roll on weapon and Falter, but it still provides decent and pretty stable DPS. Take it over Berserker rage, because Berserker needs 95% Fury to be active. When you are at that range (almost full globe) you will be dumping it within seconds. Brawler will give you boost as long as you get 3 enemies around you, which means almost 100% uptime.

Boon of Bul-Kathos – Insanity is very important part of that build. Outside of being straight – and huge – DPS increase, it serves as your only defense vs Crowd Control attacks and increases your Dodge chance. This passives will give you higher uptime of it. If you running “tanky” variant of Fire EQ, do not hesitate and pick it up.

Relentless – This is amazing defensive skill in high GR environment. As I mentioned before, MoTE struggles with reliable sustain that could heal us during the rotations, which often forces us to perform “defensive leap” on the end. With time and practice, you will be able to stay in density and survive with this passive on.

Nerves of Steel – That little red light that screams “get the hell out!” In my opinion mandatory passive for “glass” CoE variant, not only because of the warning but mostly because I found out that after 100’s of GR’s I use it as my “second chance” to stay and finish off the elites during CoE/Insanity cycle. In other words, you can willingly stay at it knowing that you have a safety that will let you finish it.

Superstition – outside of the obvious benefits defensively, this is a good passive for those who still learning the build or struggle with proper skill rotation. It will help you with filling up your Fury globe, so you may be able to slam faster, reducing your Leap cooldown.

Bloodthirst – personally I never used that passive in MoTE, even when I was rolling with only LPFS on belt, but it works, and it’s very good if you do have non-LPFS weapon and you struggle with recovery and sustain. If you manage to get decent HGB in secondaries on gear (100k, about 3 ancient rolls) this passive will be at LPFS on weapon level.

Animosity – not really optimal or popular, but if you are new to the build, you lack max fury on weapon or your only DPS HFA in early season rolled with that, it will help you with stepping over learning curve. Increases your max fury limit and helps with replenishing it. It is a decent passive – given you have room for it - if you are using FoTVP in cube, as it increases the damage of Rumble that will base its calculation from higher fury globe.

IV. Rotation

So, you got your gear with proper rolls, you have proper skills picked up, you have 33.33% CDR on sheet and you wondering what to do. It is very simple. As I said, build runs by itself, you just need to do your best to not interrupt it:)

Your basic rotation – given that you have 33.33% CDR – consists of few steps

1 – Leap – Leap – Leap
2 – Auxiliary skill cast
3 – Rumble

Your Auxiliary skills are Threatening Shout, Earthquake and War Cry (if you using it which I personally recommend for several reasons, I’ll talk about Battle Rage variant as well). If you will do it correctly, after Rumble your cooldown on Leap will be removed, and you will be able to repeat it right away. If you missing minor CDR (imperfect rolls, 6-7% instead of 8%) or max fury, if you didn’t land on enemies while leaping (Leap will generate fury only if you will hit enemies, otherwise you will only gain 30 fury from Earthen Might instead of 45) you may have a slight downtime, but it should be more than doable.

Typical full Rotation in optimal circumstances:

Leap – leap – leap
Thretening Shout

War Cry

Earthquake from the bar (aka hardcast)

And rinse and repeat. Now, if you are missing one slot of 8% CDR (27.54% on sheet) you will have to “play it by ear” a little. Basically, you will use Threatening Shout more often as auxiliary skill, and you will have some slight downtime on Leap every couple rotations, but it is still playable as long as you will strive to gain that proper “muscle memory” which will let you focus on what’s on the screen rather than on “what to cast now”. If you are using Battle Rage variant you absolutely need perfect CDR and max fury in secondaries, because being stuck will happen more often otherwise.

Pro tip – it is good practice to start every GR with War Cry – leap – leap – leap – Rumble and comeback to leap-leap-leap-auxiliary skill-rumble on 2nd rotation. Reason for it is, that you need to get these defensive bonuses and boost to armor as soon as you walk into GR, and leap on first group of enemies with WC active, for your own safety. After that WC should never were off, because you will be casting it every ~20 seconds as part of the rotation.

V. Min – Maxing for solo progression

Aka “where and how I can sacrifice my toughness to gain some DPS?”. Yup. It boils down to this. Practically everytime you try to squeeze some more DPS out of your setup, it comes at expense of toughness in some form.

Before you start this part, you need to answer yourself a couple questions.

1. What is my goal?
2. How far am I going to go to reach it?

If you are looking for consistent clears, you have pretty easy task to be honest. There is not really much to do outside of getting highest possible rolls on the items you have, finding GR level where you can close it 8 or 9 times out of 10 and steadily grind. Gradually you can experiment with sacrificing some toughness for more DPS and/or going 1 level higher (time on the build - or skill as some call it - will eventually grant you higher clears), once in a while you should try to clear 2-3 levels higher to break the monotony, work on some gear upgrades (better secondary rolls and such) and just progress in game this way. In general, if you get to the level where you closing GR’s in 10 minutes you can assume that you can push +5 GR higher without too much frustration (it shouldn’t cost you more than 10-20 keys, it’s what I’m saying)

If you are willing to make some hard choices, burn thru 50-100 or more keys, if you enjoy the thrill of the hunt for that perfect map/mob combination, and love living on the edge, you have some leg work to do.

1. Start from the low hanging apples. Look over the gear you have. See if you can squeeze something out of it, on both fronts, dps and toughness. Can you roll that crit higher? Is 600 STR all you can roll on that chest? Can you roll that 18% AD to 20? Don’t you have another Bracers with little lower STR but physical res secondary?
2. Know the build you running. Know its weaknesses and strengths. If you running APD+CoE variant, your strength is in Burst Damage and Insanity+CoE+Ruthless synergy, your weakest point is dependency on density and crowd control interaction with APD’s. If you running with BoM, your biggest advantage is ability to facetank almost anything, while your biggest struggle will be lack of damage to finish of some fights.
3. Now look a little harder. Go back to basics and see how to optimize your damage potential. Where is your damage coming from? How to maximize it?

In all variants your min-maxing will consist of three basic things.
- Getting more AD and/or CDR on gear
- Getting more DIBS (damage increased by skill) thru passives and rolls on gear
- Doing the above while maintaining enough toughness to survive.

How much is enough? Short answer:

Enough – it is when you will be able to close GG map without too many deaths.

When you are pushing your limits, you are not min-maxing around any or average map. You are min-maxing around “soft rift”. What is this soft rift? It varies. It can be nice and open Festering woods, filled with good progression mobs that have high HP and follow you around, but don’t hit hard enough to kill you or trigger NoS. It may be a composition of easy to kill whites that will keep your Rampage going nonstop, with enough of high HP trash inbetween to kill elites within thru AD. It may be linear Desert map filled with swarms. In any scenario, soft rift will have “friendly” elites that will have “doable” affixes, and will not have too many – or any – mob types that can kill you. Your min maxing will strip you out of some toughness, to the level where when you will get the map filled with right mob type, you will be able to kill it without getting killed. You will not be able to play on maps filled with Constructs, Blazing guardians, Succubusses, Morulus, any sort of Spear Throwers, Soul Lashers or them fire ghuls. And that’s perfectly OK. This is not what you are looking for. You looking for Unburried, Zombies, Fatties, old “god comp” (summoners with minions), melee Lacunis, Vile Swarms and certain type of skeletons. If they have some Pain Mongers within it shouldn’t bother you.

Now, outside of the low hanging apples I mention, what are the basic rules of optimizing?

- Know what your variant is benefiting the most from. All variants benefit from AD and increasing your Damage Increased by Skill pool. But, CoE+ APD variant will not benefit from higher than 33.33 CDR or Boon of BulKathos passive as much as any variant that uses BoM. It is because in BoM builds you simply trigger Insanity anytime you feel like it will help you, while in CoE builds you always try to get full 2 CoE rotations under Insanity – so you will pop Insanity exactly at the very beginning of your element on CoE, and Insanity will end evenly with second CoE rotation on same element – and while getting more CDR or BoBK will increase your Insanity uptime, it may not translate into much larger gains because even though you will have Insanity Ready to go you will still wait for your element on CoE to pop it (it is just my personal view of it, this are my observations as I’ve spend most of my time on LQ with CoE+APD’s). There is a certain amount of CDR that coped with BoBK passive will give you another full rotation of CoE under Insanity, but it is pretty difficult to achieve overall (I’ll break it down in one place here, not this moment though)
- Know where you can get extra DPS from, and at what expense. You have 2 slots where you can roll 15% Earthquake damage (shoulder and chest), you have 5 slots that can roll AD and CDR (2x rings, shoulder, gloves and weapon) and it may require a bit of math and “eye gauging” in few runs.
- Know how much “paper dps” you getting from any changes you make. Here is few examples on how to calculate your gains in various scenarios:

Base Damage increased by skill (aka additive damage)

Earthquake roll on Blade of The Tribes – 200%
Falter – 25%

This is 225%, which turns into 3.25 multiplier. Now, let’s say you can roll EQ damage on chest and shoulder:

200%+25%+15%+15% = 255% = 3.55 multiplier. You gained (3.55-3.25)/3.25 = 0.092 which is 9.2% flat DPS

Let’s say you cannot get these rolls, but you can get Brawler

200%+25%+20% = 245% = 3.45 multiplier. You gained (3.45-3.25)/3.25 = 0.061 which is 6.1% flat DPS

Let’s say you have both EQ rolls (so we starting from 255% dibs) and you can get Brawler

255%+20%=275% = 3.75 multiplier. You gained (3.75-3.55)/3.55 = 0.056 which is 5.6% flat DPS

As you can see, Brawler becomes little less effective. Now, let’s say you are using Strongarms and you have both EQ rolls and you got Brawler.

200%+25%+15%+15%+30% = 285% without Brawler, 3.85 multi, with Brawler it will become 4.05 multi, and your gain will be (4.05-3.85)/3.85 = 0.051, 5.1% Increase. At this point, if you at the same time are struggling with staying alive, defensive passive will likely be better choice than Brawler, because it will give you more “EDPS” which is “Effective DPS”, basically a fact that you can survive and deal damage instead of dying or kiting will be more than 5% of paper DPS.

Now, let’s see elemental damage gains. First roll of 20% elemental on your Bracers is always 20% straight damage, because you will change basic x1 multiplier to 1.2. Let’s say you just scored amulet with 20%/crit/crit. You will change your base (which is 1.2) to 1.4. This will be (1.4-1.2)/1.2 = 0.166(6) which is 16.6% increase. Pretty big on paper. But, this have a twist to it, that it’s pretty curly in case of HFA amulets and their ancient/non ancient status. Let me elaborate a bit, because I see this being ignored very often.

Let’s say you have an ancient 970/CHC/CHD neck with Earthen Might passive and solo 80 augment on it and you just got non ancient 20%/chc/chd with Brawler. Sheet DPS shows immediate loss in DPS – but you are smart and you know to ignore that stuff – and you know that it will up your dps by 16.6% right? Wrong. Depending on how much mainstat you have this gain will never be 16.6%. If you rocking 15000STR with that ancient HFA equipped, losing STR (1370) from amulet alone is (13630-15000)/15000 = -0.091 which is 9.1% DPS LOSS. So, you lost 9.1 in one department, you gained 16.6% in other, which makes equipping non ancient HFA with Brawler not 16.6% gain but 7.5% overall gain. Now, compare the passives. Having Earthen Might on HFA gives you freedom in picking up 2 passives, while Brawler will “lock” 3 passives (EM/Ruthless/Rampage will have to be chosen, when you have one of those on HFA you technically have 2 passive slots for you to customize).

You got the picture? Never make blind “oh, everybody say it’s better” choices, always judge and compare to what you have. Let’s say in above scenario you kept your ancient HFA with STR + Augment, you picked Relentless as your passive and toughness gain was enough for you to sacrifice rolls on chest and shoulder for 15% EQ on both. If you would use non ancient HFA you would gain 7.5% + 6% (Brawler) which would totaled to 13.5%, with Relentless and EQ rolls you would gain 9.2% from DiBS. You would lost some toughness from STR is you picked HFA with Barwler, you would gain tons of it with Relentless.

Always ask if you are not sure, always test and compare, a lot of things are not set in stone, and it takes a bit of effort to find what works best for you.

Best of luck!
Incoming Update
Incoming Update, Guide officially open
Glad to see a new, updated Fire EQ guide. Nice work, bud.

I wish the build had better uptime on Insanity (or easier access to reducing CC effects). They're the biggest bummer for an otherwise awesome build!
+1. I think I will try strongarm bracers now that BoM is really solid for defense.

What is the highest GR clear possible for players sitting at paragon 1100 - 1300?
10/26/2017 09:04 PMPosted by Free
I wish the build had better uptime on Insanity (or easier access to reducing CC effects).

I wish it more for the damage increase than the CC immunity. Super easy to avoid CC with leap quake since while in mid air you are immune to all CC.
Awesome guide man, only thing I have to pick at is you say absolutely no RCR because it reduces your heals, rumble uses all remaining fury either way so it shouldn’t reduce your healing at all and give a tiny dmg increase shouldn’t it?
Cool stuff. +1

Yeah the portion about RCR with Rumble.

Also, Rumble output should not be underestimated. I understand that this is a fire quake focused build and I also use this in 95- with Nemesis and In-Geom/Furnace (and Volcano over WC/BR for too much red on the screen heh), when battles are shorter, but I´ve learned that 6x6 Rumble is insane to the point physical Band Of Might+Peak+Destruction might be capable of outperforming Molten Fury + Furnace + Nemesis/APDs.

Check this out

2.6.1 LeapQuakeSlam skill breakdown
Obviously, Leap and Slam take less than a second to complete, so the actual output is higher, but it´s more difficult to simulate that on paper and I hope this "second by second" output is easier to showcase for others.

Assuming 3xLeap -> Shout -> Slam rotation, for fire with War Cry it´s alternating. You can Shout and War Cry at the same time initially of course, which would boost its output in the earlier stages and their CDs would then make you alternate.

Note that table does not include the 57x MoTE bonus which applies to all the compared skills. Same goes for 1.40x elemental in the physical build. The two fire builds get a /1.4 calculation penalty for the physical skills in their builds.

The 2.33 Quake bonus assumes 200% DIBS on Blade of the Tribes, 15% on Chest, Falter and Battle Rage, so Tribes giving a comparative 3.5/1.5 bonus. Fire setup does not run Battle Rage so the Tribes comparative would be 3.4/1.4, slightly boosting the Molten Fury weight, but deal slightly less overall damage than showcased when compared to the first setup. In the table, Quake is further boosted by 3.5 after Slam is used.

Note that Rumble causes 2 tremors, each dealing (max Fury - Slam Fury cost) * 15% weapon damage, so with Peak´s 50% RCR and 10% paragon RCR:
145 Max Fury Rumble = 620% + 1972.5% + 1972.5% = 4565% weapon dmg per cast
149.5 Max Fury = 620% + 2040% + 2040% = 4700% weapon dmg per cast
186 Max Fury = 620% + 2587.5% + 2587.5% = 5795% weapon dmg per cast
206 Max Fury = 620% + 2887.5% + 2887.5% = 6395% weapon dmg per cast

145 is 3xLeapQuake without Shout and no Templar
149.5 is 3x LeapQuake without Shout and with Templar´s Inspire
186 is 3x LeapQuake with Shout
206 with Animosity

Usually you also take damage which also generates some Fury, so you´ll most likely deal more damage.

Animosity is a solid passive choice for increased fluidity and also damage (around 10%) to Peak Slam.
+1, Thank you for taking the time to write such an in-depth guide.
Mad write up S4.

Was looking at full MotE when sick of MotE6 and IK4.

For me I'd tweak a few things for HC but you've been a gem by stating this is a guide for us Barbros.

Many thanks.

@Nubtro. Math aint my strong point so I'm hoping you or the other lads can shed some light.

If your saying Rumble is a good extra damage dealer to this set would that mean your thinking BoD to be worn. Would this also look at FotVP in the cube as an alternate. Say for when seasons start and you haven't been lucky enough to get a Furnace?

Thanks in advance.

Good morning everyone!

Thank you all for the support! Guide is still not finished, it's missing quite a bit of stuff but I'll finish it tonight, eyes gave up yesterday:)

10/26/2017 09:47 PMPosted by Davez
+1. I think I will try strongarm bracers now that BoM is really solid for defense.

What is the highest GR clear possible for players sitting at paragon 1100 - 1300?

We don't have really too much of data to work with at the moment, and this is pretty generic question to be honest. Highest GR possible term is pretty wide, because it will vary - and by a lot - based on players gear, experience and will to fish. My point of view is skewed by a lot, because not only I have good gear for any configuration but also because I have probably 400-500 hours on this build alone between season 8 and now. I can try to make an educated guess though. Prior to these buffs I did 96 with ~1690 paragon, a tad suboptimal gear but fully augmented in 95-100's and main gems in 110+. Let's say that my clear was 5 or 6 tiers above what average player could do at the moment, and typical result would be a 90 within ~30 keys. What the buffs gave this build? Our set multiplier went from 13x to 57x and GoG buff went from x2 to x3.5.

You need to double your damage to get about 5 GR levels, so from 13 to 26x would be one block of 5 tiers, and from 26 to 52x would be another 5 tiers. Than GoG gave us about 3-4 tiers, which on paper all together is 13-14 levels. This would be absolutely correct, if we wouldn't take few variables into consideration.
1. My clear was on CoE+ APD variant, that outside of set bonus relies on scaling mechanism of APD's for mitigation
2. With augments, Rampage and War Cry your set bonus raises your mitigation from armor to 96-97% pretty early, which is starting to feel like a "hard cap" on armor. You will get to this point sooner than reaching your absolute best. What it means in reality is, that in high tiers APD's scaling alone may not be enough to face your opponents and due to non existing sustain you will start to suffer from incoming damage sooner than your DPS will. This will remove couple tiers from "paper" DPS gain.
3. Due to extremely slow Stricken stacking higher up you will realize that you may need anything between 4 to 5:30 for RG fight alone if you don't have power or channeling pylon. This will put pretty high dependency on getting a good open map with 4-5 elite Condo for your clear. Yes, it is true for a lot of builds, but if you looking for personal best that you can secure within 20-30 keys, this will shave of another couple levels from your paper potential. So, bottom line is, that I fully expect GR 100 - 103 clears at 1200-1300 paragon on this build, but for players with more casual approach I will say - very conservative approach here - that GR 100 is within reach for these paragon levels, given your gear will be in good shape, you will get some solo 90-95's augments on it and you will take a little bit of time to practice the gameplay. Remember, BoM variant is missing grate synergy between insanity/CoE rotation/ruthless, and this synergy is 3-4 tiers at minimum despite looking smaller on paper. BoM variant is what a lot of players will chose, because it's much easier to play.

@ Professor Nubtro

Yup, I was pretty busy this ptr cycle so I didn't fully test everything, but Fotvp and BoD rework have hit me like a truck, and I was positive that Rumble as fury dump coped with those 2 items can make for viable nuke in this build. I didn't do any paper math on it, I just looked over 15% vs 20% on skill and differential on bracers that felt like a "wash with slight Slam advantage" to me, and than glimpsed over FoTVP as possible Furnace replacement. But my guts were telling me meanwhile that all that combined may not be enough to breach the gap of 20% from EQ element and RG fight will sooner or later turn into total disaster without Furnace. I played MoTE on pretty competitive levels and one thing that struck me was that at the very high end push your RG fight will take you up to 6 minutes on bad RG. Nukes from Slam will likely not be enough to compensate for 50% permanent to all the damage from Furnace, and without FoTVP Slam is what Toss use to be, aka 5-7% of total DPS contribution depending on variant (physical vs fire).

It is definitely viable option, I have 2 more posts besides the main guide, and these will turn - in time - into guides to alternative setups, including physical, endless walk/BoM/CoE, trapped/Zeis/Stricken/BoM/rubies, some speed farm setups and such, so if you - or anybody else - want to chip in and list something that is a viable setup in your opinion I'll be more than happy to get it in there with proper explanations.

Cheers brothers!
Kingdo, Aegis, Tao, Nubtro, Dakkon, Archael, R!ck, King Benjamin, these are just a few from many that have contributed to this build in many ways.
And the build lost all credibility once I got there...
Thoughts on using FotVP in cube instead of Furnace? I understand most damage is from EQ, but bracers of destruction + FotVP makes those SS’s hit hard.
10/27/2017 09:22 AMPosted by Shooter
Thoughts on using FotVP in cube instead of Furnace? I understand most damage is from EQ, but bracers of destruction + FotVP makes those SS’s hit hard.

I think Tom did this better than I did previously but crude math favored Furnace over FOTVP + BoD because you have you have so many more EQs going.
10/27/2017 09:22 AMPosted by Shooter
Thoughts on using FotVP in cube instead of Furnace? I understand most damage is from EQ, but bracers of destruction + FotVP makes those SS’s hit hard.

It is definitely viable option, Slam will hit like a truck with it. Here is what are my thoughts on it:

- if you will be using it in in Molten Fury variant (fire) than you will miss out 1.2-1.4 elemental multiplier from elemental, because Rumble is physical
- at certain point you will realize how much struggle it is to kill RG on high levels with this build, especially if it is true single target
- at that point 50% from Furnace to all your Quakes will turn out to be critical and nukes from Slam every 4 - 5 seconds will likely not out-weight that multiplier (keep in mind that I'm talking about Fire variant that hits with 6000% weapon damage as fire and has 1.4 elemental attached to it from bracers and amulet)
- Tom did a calculation on how much damage Slam will do in fire variant with FoTVP and it was weaker than Furnace. I will find it and get it in here tonight.
- If you will be playing this build correctly, gathering density and focusing your leaps on elite within, your AD (that should be at 100% minimum) will benefit from Furnace, so damage dealt with it to associated trash will be increased by 50% elite damage. Every AD proc caused by hit to elite will just splash bigger number around you.
- bracers of destruction still have a cap on them. In reality real benefits of Slam will be visible vs 5 or less targets, ironically this usually will be RG or elite, where flat 50% to your 6000% comes into play when you use furnace

If you wanna use BoD and FoTVP probably your best way will be to go all in into physical, get cave in and let Slam get multipliers from elemental. My second or this post will have full physical variant described, where you will have opportunity to exercise Zeis stone in place of Esoteric as well:)

My biggest beef with FoTVP vs Furnace comes from frustration I faced when I was fishing for GR 99-100 in 2.60. RG fight that started to take 4-5 or more minutes with gems around 120 was just too much to bare with and I stopped enjoying it after few close calls on nearly perfect maps. I cannot imagine doing those again without extra 50% damage.
Ziomek musiales az tyle napisac
I just seen that RCR thingy.

Can anybody re-test it earlier than myself (will get home late again;() Last time I'm almost positive that it was basically a "check" over Fury Available x (1-RCR) x LpFS (e.g. 120 x (1-0.1) x 2500) on any fury dump skill. I can be wrong but I think this is how it was working, it's a constant mechanism behind every skill cast.

If this is still tru than I will be relentless on insisting to remove all points from RCR. Plus, Hard cast EQ does heal you, and for this reason alone I would keep RCR out of the picture.
10/27/2017 10:12 AMPosted by Dmoney
Ziomek musiales az tyle napisac

Jeszcze nie skończyłem, brakuje koło 30% :)
+1, good guide! I preferred cold Mote-Slam with Zei's variation with SS being main dps skill, back then.
10/27/2017 09:47 AMPosted by S4v4G3

If you wanna use BoD and FoTVP probably your best way will be to go all in into physical, get cave in and let Slam get multipliers from elemental. My second or this post will have full physical variant described, where you will have opportunity to exercise Zeis stone in place of Esoteric as well:)

No love for Bane of the Powerful?
+15% Elite damage bonus, you get the full bonus cause no Furnace
+15% Elite reduction, which equals to 6 GRs of incoming elite damage
+20 DIBS, while not doing much for Quake...oh wait, Slam is your main damage dealer here, and it is boosted by 10.81% at worst (Falter+Battle Rage+2xSlam rolls+Brawler), most likely 13.33%

So this gem already gives you a 1.15*1.133 = 1.30295x damage multiplier against elites on top of its sexy mitigation. But yeah, Zei is cool, I was using it instead of Stricken in the levels where RG battles don´t feel that bad. It´s not like there are many Leg Gem damage options for this build. Only other one I use at times is Gogok in T13 to get some CDR and to speed up Slams in-between Leaps when In-Geom is down.

I don´t understand what exactly you mean with the Fury Heal portion but I can test how much Rumble heals in a few. Will edit this post.

Peak in Cube, no paragon RCR
Full Fury globe = 186 (Unforgiving)
98,252 -> Rumble in town -> 321,266 Life = 223,014 Life healed
1199 Life per Fury Spent
223,014 / 1199 = 186 Fury

Same test, this time with 10% paragon RCR and without Peak
321,266 -> Rumble in town -> 544,280 Life = 223,014 Life healed

So RCR has no negative effect on Rumble healing via Life per Fury Spent.

EDIT 2: Just a link from another thread where Slam buffs were questioned and I did an in-game test to confirm that pretty much all possible Slam bonuses work and correctly boost both Slam and Rumble
- Physical skill bonus
- No Escape
- Slam DIBS
- Destruction
- Peak, both 6x multiplier and Resource Cost Reduction
- MotE (6)

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