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Could you guys please tell me when it will be convenient for you that I play this game I bought? I mean, I realize it's my fault for buying it in the first place but I did a dumb and forked over the money. So, since I don't have a choice about being online if I want to use your software, could you save me some headache and tell me my assigned time to use the servers? I'm sick to death of the lag and disconnects. And, no, thanks, I already went down the laundry list of not-Blizzard issues that could possibly cause all these problems.

It's like, Warframe is totally free to play. Why in the world did I buy a Blizzard product, right? lol I'm so stupid.

The only other option is doing a chargeback and I'd like to avoid dealing with them if I can help it. If you guys can find a minute to give me those ideal times for me to use your servers, that'd be swell. I know you're busy not making an offline mode and also not fixing these persistent problems. Please and thank you.
Have you tried running network diagnostics?


Make sure to let the pathping finish - it can take up to about 12 minutes to complete

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