Which do you prefer? GR only or Game mode diversity?

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We have:
1. Campaign.
2. Adventure Bounties.
3. Adventure Über Tristram runs.
4. Adventure Set Dungeons.
5. Adventure Nephlam Rifts.
6. Adventure Greater Rifts.
7. Rift Challenges.

Seven different ways to play to choose from. But efficiency wise, GR blows the others away.

2.6.1 has made more builds actually efficient enough to use. More build diversity. What about game mode diversity? Is that a bad thing?

Which do you prefer?
Is that a trick question?
Option 21 - all of the above.

D3 needs more ways to "kill monsters / collect loot"

If Campaign would only drop sufficient loot......
I dislike GR.. I wish it was somehow different.

If they could make campaing mode more appealing I would probably play that more. Now I generally level up there in new season, I play it through once.

I feel like they should have integrated Adventure mode into Campaing mode in RoS.
Like once you complete an Act in campaing it would unlock the bounties in that Act etc.

Once you kill Malthael you have all bounties in all Acts opened and also the Rifts would become available. This would have been more immersive way to do it.

Also boosting the boss kills should be prevented to make any sense in that. While at it .. all the stupid cutscenes and unskippable moments in the boss fights should be cleaned up and make it more fluid experience.

But it's too late for that now :)
We need
  • build diversity
  • item diversity
  • game mode diversity
  • I rotate around as I'm tired of basically all the modes. This game needs new content. I won't do set dungeons though, and challenge rifts are a waste IMO.

    So it's run an act for bounties, or maybe two. Do a couple rifts. Do a round of keywardens and ubers. Use a puzzle ring. Run a couple GRs. Cow level. Another act for bounties. Maybe a rift or two. Help power level someone. And that will be spread out over different gaming sessions.

    If I do anything more, I burn out.
    If they could make campaign mode more appealing I would probably play that more. Now I generally level up there in new season, I play it through once.


    I wish campaign mode would drop more loot and bounty caches. I get tired of running bounties. It would be nice to have different means to get the cache mats. I don't know why they cant just drop caches on mission/story completions.
    I'd like to have goals to work towards aside from meaningless achievements. "You've cleared a rift in 30 seconds! BFD" It would be nice to have some sort of long-range goals with an actual rewards, like "Do these 100 non-impossible tasks", and you get a tool that salvages red/blue/white items in the field. The work of creating a Staff of Herding was a good example.
    All great answers.

    I could be wrong with all this below. Maybe someone else who can speed run 95s could let me know if I'm close:

    I think bounties are now a waste of time after getting the extracted powers. No use when you get more rolls of an item doing speed GR 80s-90s. Do 10 of them in 25 minutes and get 3 of the item you would roll in bounties. But you also get chances at all your other items too and gem level ups and mass paragon. Why do bounties for mats when you get very little return for the 3 item rolls you would get?

    I hate bounties for that. I once spent 3 hours getting bounties and spent like 2000 souls and all the mats, for a weapon that was worse that I started with. There aren't enough rewards in bounties to make it efficient anymore. Same with deaths breaths. It's to a point where spending the time to get 500 deaths breaths and then upgrade rare weapons, is worthless when you could be doing GR 80-90 speed runs.

    It's all just a "Get to GR" sort of thing. Like Blackthornes set being a set you can use to get to endgame.

    GR keys really should be removed from the game now. It's annoying to do a T13 to get GR keys when it's incredibly inefficient use of time. It's like being forced to use Blackthornes every now and again in order to be allowed to use your endgame build.

    Does that sound close?
    Your stomach thinks all potatoes are mashed.
    i just wish they would nerf sets into the ground and raise the base abilities of classes instead.

    sets should be about 10% better. not 5000% better.

    i miss the days when getting a yellow quest reward caused you to look at your gear to see if it was an improvement. (back when item levels still existed, yellows could be very good)
    You can't nerf. People will HATE being nerfed. And you can't backpedal on drops even. This Power Creep means getting end game set faster. But if you backed off Item drop rate to correspond to the buffs, making them even out, people would go off. Many people are very greedy and are willing to complain a lot too. So they want more drop rate and then when they get it, they complain that the game is boring because it's too easy.
    10/20/2017 04:17 AMPosted by clueso
    We need
  • build diversity
  • item diversity
  • game mode diversity

  • This. Agree 100%.

    So many useless Legendary items.

    Lately I spend a lot of time doing slow Bounties/Goblin hunt. Best game mode for me.

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