All Frozen orb build variations

So frozen orb seems to have 3 builds.

Cratic's recently shown speed sage (youtube), with sage or no sage for bounty/rift.

A speed greater rift (What build ? Maybe using restraint/focus aka more dmg and shields/2 piece firebirds)

And lastly Delsere frozen orb greater rift push.

Am I correct to say all 3 builds should be made, like they are all viable? Is meteor builds, or other builds better than F/O variations at anything in particular (Speed etc), or are they even, fuss just play what you like?

Also does meteor have the same deal with speed builds and push? Haven't tried that build yet, still need a new deathwish...Having problems enough with a scepter, had some good once before patch...sigh retroactive changes:/
I haven’t play any frozen orb build. Still low paragon in season, but meteor has build up time/ delay, so maybe explain not as popular.

Frozen orb is direct attack. This may explain why frozen orb is a more popular choice. My guess only.
Bump 1 time only :) Thanks for input.
I'm running a tal rasha FO channeling build. Cleared GR100 fairly easily at paragon 949. Could probably go up to ~102-103 if I find dense enough rifts and/or augment gear. My understanding is that its potential is a bit lower than DMO though because etched sigil doesn't benefit from area damage.
DMO Orb is top tier for pushing and it is superior to tals. However, the play style is different and IMO (not to say you wont like it) not as fun to play.

On the other hand, I found that for speed farming nothings better than meto. You dont do the standard channel build up, you run with Ranslor's Folly and Aether walker. Simply drop a twiser to pull 20 mobs together and drop 2-3 lightning metos on them.

I do this for all speed farms/bounties

Replace taguk with Iceblink, use frost twisters

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