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Hello everyone, i want to make a personal request, i want 3 more people preferably with some kowledge who are willing to make some things to play in the scorched chapel.... yeah its not farm keys/xp/mats, its just for fun, so if you have enough crafting materials tell me and i add you and will explain to you, basically is to skipp all legendary multiplicators from items and paragon buff... stuff like that and is fun cuz i have already tried

add:(Also i tried in pubs go to "brawl area" with op set items and was "quite" fun too in there other way, the thing is different there if u use damage multiplicators because there will 1 shot (unless if we can find a way to buff our vitality 1000% or something), if characters have only (in brawl area) a huge life buff maybe it could be possible, "fun" just for do a different thing than farming all day x_x)

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