1st anc amu. Reroll needed?

Hi, folks.

Today from 7 try i'm got it: [img]https://i.imgur.com/LB1G4Ai.jpg[/img]

I don't know what i need to reroll on it, because it awesome! But i think not worst way is changing 1000str for holy, is that right?
For Condemn, ya, Holy is best.
For condemn you should be running an Akkhan amulet and not a traveler's pledge (though your traveler's pledge is... no comment).
Either way, always roll str on amulets if you can get 20/100/10, that way you'll be able to use them on any class you want if you ever have to.
if it were so simple like you say... But i never ever looted right F&R rings (CDR,CHD,CC). This is why i wear best what i have.

By the way 108 is done. I'm in top 50 EU ladder. 110 doable too with fishing.

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