This thread offers some feedback towards the current searchmechanic of finding a pvp match, which is currently the worst search mechanic in any game ever.

Finding a PvP room easily
At the character screen and in a private game make a button to que for pvp brawl.
When the player found one he/she gets loaded into the training grounds, together with other players that que'd for it.
If no one is que'ing you create a PvP Room automatically just like it is now with PvE rooms.
When you press the 'New Tristam' portal you get loaded out into your character screen or private game (wherever you last where and que'd for pvp).

Hostile Button
In the 'Game Settings' menu on the character screen create a button 'Allow Hostility' (just above the 'multiplayer' settings). This allows the player to go hostile towards his fellow players that he join(ed)(s) in the room he is searching for in whatever which category (bounties, rift, grift, keywarden (the brawl tab gets removed of course). If this option isn't selected he will only find rooms where there is no option to go hostile.

When the player enters a room with hostility allowed he then needs to go to the esc screen where he can select to go hostile. Which means he can attack whoever he wants. This gets displayed on his portrait (maybe a new image per role to show hostility would be a cool idea).
However, if (for example) he alone went hostile every other member can attack that hostile player and NOT damage the other players that DIN'T choose to go hostile.

I am convinced these two changes (or one of them) would significantly increase the rate of finding a pvp scenario.

Unimportant part: The reason why i make this thread is because I've been playing the game (on and off) since the removal of the Acution House.
Since then I haven't been able to find one brawl room where someone is actually brawling or willing to. Again, I am sure with these two reasonable mentioned changes above will be a big increase in pvp duels and overall Diablo 3 popularity.
The addition of the Armory allowing the option to min max builds towards pvp is bigger then ever.

Kind Regards,


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