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Once again, we get closer to a new PTR and with it the expectation that good things come along and another great patch is deployed.
To support this wishful thinking is the most appreciated balance effort in 2.6.1 and the great communication trend that issued from it.

The purpose in this thread is to create a central place where the community can create and support suggestions which could be made into the game as future patches and DLCs are released.

While definitely suggestions are welcome, we should move astray from being overly specific but rather keep our suggestions and wishlists as simple guidelines so Devs can do their work as they know best, but more in tune with the community.

I will count, update and order the votes cast on each couple pages and edit the OP accordingly.
For instance, [4] Legendary Gems Revision means 4 votes on such suggestion.

With no further ado, may the suggestions be added and voted upon.

Generic Systems

[ ] Make Followers relevant
[ ] Recover the "Empower Item with Legendary Affix" idea that was talked about
[ ] Introduce more Kanai Cube recipes
[ ] Allow Mystic a second affix reroll
[ ] Expand Paragon tab options and allow other unlimited stacking point options

[ ] Create another Paragon system for Campaign / Adventure Points
[ ] Make Adventure Mode more rewarding
[ ] Review Difficulty Levels & Torments
[ ] Create additional game modes such as Team vs Team vs Enemy
[ ] Create additional game modes such as Team vs Team vs Crucible / Survival

[ ] Create additional game modes such as an Endless Rift
[ ] Review Set Dungeons and Challenge Dungeons to make them more appealing
[ ] Allow certain affixes on gear to be improved continuously by Artisans
[ ] Uncap Regular Gems upgrades beyond Flawless Royal
[ ] Review or Introduce new Regular gems to offer more choices than Emeralds

[ ] Revise unused Legendary Gems
[ ] Unlock new Legendary Gems powers at lvl 75
[ ] Allow Damage Affix (such as in jewelry) to be enchanted into gear to allow character progression

QoL Changes

[ ] Armory stores saved build items
[ ] Additional Stash tabs
[ ] Additional Character slots
[ ] Use all gem upgrades at once in a single gem by the end of GRift
[ ] Salvage All Legendaries (except Primals)

[ ] Close option for Cow levels
[ ] Close option for unfinished GRift
[ ] Allow Kanai Reforges to maintain legendary status (Ancient, Primal)

Non-Class Aligned Itemization

[ ] Make Follower items relevant
[ ] Revise Crafted Sets to make them significant at some level
[ ] Rework Generic Sets such as Blackthorne's
[ ] Make all Primals a game-changer or a build defining item on its own
[ ] Buff LoN and adjust currently affected Legendaries accordingly

[ ] Make generic damage legendaries and gems relevant
[ ] More Legendary Potion interactions with skills and items

Class Aligned Itemization

[ ] Rework unused skills and runes
[ ] Introduce underused skills into existent Sets
[ ] Further fine-tune Class Sets and Items
[ ] Create new Support Legendaries to boost skills already in Sets, yet unused
[ ] Introduce more 2 Piece Sets using the unique gear slots for each class.

[ ] Create more generic damage support legendaries (such as within Necro's arsenal)
Allow us to upgrade already augmented items. Because it's boring every time upgrade gems from zero to 100+.

For example: i have augmented shield with 100lvl gem. But i'm not upping my gems to 105 or 110 for reaugment, because it's a waste of time!

Now for me and many of other peoples is beteer not reaugment items. Until they fix their sustem.
My wishlist:

1. Fix the various bugs when oneshotting mobs:
- models stand around where they die
- immortal minions existing after killing RG
- Gelatinous Gobo not separating/not dropping loot
- several bosses going into uninteruptable animations that deal damage AFTER the bosses die
- several bosses´ abilities deal damage when the bosses are already dead

2. Make Cursed Chest event log consistent:
- sometimes it shows a numerical countdown, somtimes it shows a red bar

3. Have Bossbounties be completed when the boss dies, not AFTER their deathanimation:
- Malthael, Diablo, Belial (and Ghom? needs confirmation) have endless death animations and other players have to wait to start another boss
Alternative: allow players to fight bosses while other players are in an event

That´s all.

tl/dr: Fix the game.
many of the things you are asking for are powercreep.

We don't need more powercreep, what we need is closer balance in the things we already have, and some QoL improvements.

1) Followers need to be immortal; that way we chose between all follower skills, or faster CD's on follower skills.
2) Legendary gems need to be rebalanced so all of them are on par with Bane of the Trapped. The defensive gems in particular need HUGE buffs to compete.
3) There are many skills that need to be revised so they are used more often, either by adding a legendary power that affects them, or including them in sets.
4) Materials and Gems need to be on autopick up; especially Death Breaths.
5) Rift Keys need to be moved to the materials tab.
6) Adding a separate "gem bag" would be amazing to save inventory space.

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