Seeking advice for my UE MS build...

Demon Hunter
My DH is doing some insane damage, but getting killed with a glance. Would love to know what other players have done to add more survive-ability to this build. Thanks for any tips!
you got almost no defensive stats and too little health. Put on an Elusive ring and maybe a String of Ears. If you're gonna cube a RorG then I suggest you use Cindercoat instead of Magefist, otherwise CoE would be a better choice. Or if not CoE then go with Obsidian for permanent Vengeance.
Good Shoulder/Pants/Boots typically should have Dex/Vit/AR (All Resistances) natural rolls on them. A good rolled Chest will have % Reduced damage from Elites.
Chest will have AR as well,more important.
Compass rose + travellers pledge + elusive ring combo, wraps of clarity.

Dont wear string of ears get a witching hour
Use CoE, dont bother with elusive ring. UE survives by dodging, at some point you have to learn how to move and position to avoid damage while dealing damage or you will probably be stuck about 5-10 tiers lower than you could be.

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