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11/22/2017 08:20 AMPosted by TemplarGR
11/21/2017 05:33 PMPosted by Cayenne
When I was unemployed (and even still on weekends while I am employed), 15-16 hours a day is really easy and comfortable to do.

Your solution sucks dude, even more so the more you keep changing it. When do you implement your supposed caps? Daily? Weekly? Seasonally?

Now you're talking about 50% of the season time being the cap for the season. Bots can just go flat out for the first 45% and then push leader boards for a while. In the end your idea does nothing to stop botting, it just high horses people who may or may not have something better to do with their lives than game.

That's why no one agrees.

I already replied on this. You just focus not to see what i am writting...

I said a WEEKLY hour pool of 84 hours. This is an average of 12 per day, but you can allocate more in certain days and less on others. So you can play 16 hours during weekends just fine.

My solution is perfect, it is just that there are many hypocritical bot users on the forums.

The solution isn't to limit number of hours played but to instead track the hours, which is already being done, and then ban accounts that can not be sustained by a single human being playing the game. Any account that is on 24/7, or near to it, should be banned. Especially since there must be a way to track if the account is opening and closing rifts or just staying in town, though it is silly to leave your D3 game running overnight and do nothing but stay in town casting a skill repeatedly to stay active.

Limiting hours won't stop botting, at most it will just decrease the gap between botters and legit players since eventually something will come up where a serious legit player will miss hitting the 84 hour cap just due to some RL issue. And any cap that would make botting useless will be too small for a professional stream to stay relevant with.

P.S. Sorry to the all A.I. playing the game but your dumb cousins the bots are ruining it for you
11/22/2017 08:20 AMPosted by TemplarGR
My solution is perfect, it is just that there are many hypocritical bot users on the forums.

1, you don't know if people here bot or not. Accusing people for something you don't know about should not take place.

2, you go into several threads and talk about your idea. And everytime you get told otherwise, cause a very, VERY small portion MAY wants it.

3, You've been told before, that there is a solution to botting and games like Cs:go, Overwatch etc. have taken care of this problem, without restricting players. It is a matter of getting someone working at Blizzard, to look through programming and then make a banwave happening.

4, Stop spamming everywhere with your idea. We get it. Really... We do. You think you got such a great idea, that you see past everything else people tell you and keep on going with it. Your idea is one solution out of severals. You should NEVER restrict a player and for how long he can play a game.
Let's say you are a streamer. You wanna make a 24 hour marathon, either be collecting to a beneficial project or just have fun. Wait a minute, you wanna try out season 12 of Diablo 3, well too bad. You can't. Cause what if next week you wanna do the same. Heck what if the next 3 days you wanna sleep as little as possible and still able to game , then what?

We get your idea. But restricting players and how much they are allowed to play is not the solution. Sure, you have "calculated" to an amount of it "sounding reasonable", but that's not how things work. You buy a new pc and you can only use it 4 hours a day, then it shuts down. Do you want that? No.

Start thinking about your idea and what people have been telling you in here. Go look for bot/cheat fixing in other games. You should never, ever have a game, where people buy it, just to tell them, it is only allowed to play a certan x amount of time a day/week. Cause it will take away the freedom, us gamers got to play what we want and for how long we want to.
Then it's up to those players if they wanna stay up all night, gaming.

As suggested before, go read the posts you are active in about this. Think it through. And stop hijacking threads to promote something, you have been shown several times by now, that it's just not the solution people want.
Lol " my solution is perfect, let the bots only bot 12 hours a day instead of 24, and lets penalize legit players because sone people bot" are you really this dense?
11/22/2017 08:53 AMPosted by PreciousRoy
Lol " my solution is perfect, let the bots only bot 12 hours a day instead of 24, and lets penalize legit players because sone people bot" are you really this dense?

Just have a look. He has been rambling in several posts about his great time limit idea and that it is, and I quote "the ONLY and PERFECT AND best solution out there". Works as a software engineer as well... Just saying.
I (and our forum moderation team) have been locking threads because multiples on the same topic are a violation of our forum code of conduct. Similarly, I have replied to a few to make it clear what the violation is, rather than delete threads or suspend posters.

I've made no further posts because our stance hasn't changed. Botting is not permitted, we continue to issue bot ban waves on an as-needed basis, and we do not communicate when these waves occur. Actions that we take are discussed only with the holders of accounts that are impacted.

Combating botting is an ongoing, tedious, and forever-long process. It's a "war" that goes back and forth between our detection methods and sneakier, less detectable bots. It will always be an ongoing challenge. Feedback is appreciated; however, spamming the forums with the same topic repeatedly is not.

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