Full vyr pigsticker mh

advice for gearing?
Tryed oid, other geam..
I cant do more than 93:(
You should be able to clear higher than 93 with your gear.

Other than your gloves (want chd instead of vit) and bracers (want 95+ affix roll, and ancient), the rest of your gear is excellent. Your belt is filthy. Can I have it? I'm like 60k shards deep on belts. But I digress.

Your amulet isn't ideal for an MH build, MH doesn't benefit from lightning %. You only want the 1 roll on bracers to make Archon lightning. Amulet should be int/chc/chd/socket or cdr/chc/chd/socket.

But none of those things are really what's holding you back. You should be able to do at least 98-100 with your gear/build.

I'm wondering if it's a playstyle issue. Vyr6 doesn't play the same as other builds. You really need to focus on keeping your stack count up. Any time you aren't hitting something, you are losing potential stacks. You really need to focus on minimizing your downtime.

Also, as with any time you are pushing your GR limit, choose your fights accordingly. You definitely don't want to stand around and finish off that 1 white skeleton, keep moving for the big packs. More kills faster = more stacks. More stacks = more dps for faster kills. Even faster kills = even more stacks for even more dps for even more faster kills. It's a snowball effect.

With most builds, it's all about making sure you get good progression kills. But with Vyr's, it's a bit different. You want to get good progression so you can clear the rift, but you also want to make sure that you get some extra trash kills in there to get more stacks so that you have enough dps and toughness to get the high progression kills. It's a balance between easy kills for stacks and progression kills.

With the ideal mob types, you'll get both at the same time. Lots of density and easy kills for stacks mixed in with good progression mobs. With Vyr's you'll notice a pretty big variance in your clear time based on mob type and density. More so than you might see with some other builds because of the way Archon stacks work.

Remember, density is king. You live and die on your stack count.
Not dying is the key. First archon try to keep alive and get as many archon stacks as possible. With Swami stacks, the next archon you'll be a lot tougher with a huge damage bonus.
hi guys, thx for answer, and sorry for my english

i don't die i have just dammage problem.Often my stack are 170 + new archont so 300 in general

I change my amulet like you said, this one is perfect

My problem is MH proc maybe i don't know

Sometime i don't play with explosive blast, ( i take force armore) like that i put a better offhand (ancient chantodo with caldesan).

I don't know if i should play with gogok or piege gem

Boss are really hard for me if i an't stay far away
here http://www.diablofans.com/builds/94733-2-6-1-gr108-vyr-mh-pig-sticker-oid
this guy hasso much more dammage than me for the same stuff wtf
11/30/2017 11:09 AMPosted by Tuti
here http://www.diablofans.com/builds/94733-2-6-1-gr108-vyr-mh-pig-sticker-oid
this guy hasso much more dammage than me for the same stuff wtf

add some crit damage on your gloves,
use BoTT gem instead of gogok
Is Deathwish + Etched Sigil (+BlackHole) any match to pig sticker?
Yes, you gain stacks a bit slower and do not have other Pig Sticker boni.
I tried Deathwish + Etched Sigil at GR80 in a crappy gear
https://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Cuthalion-2437/hero/101435037 Seasonal Sorceress

And RG went down in like 1 second. Same happens to other elites during the rift - if I catch them while dropping Archon cooldown with Arcane Torrent, they just blow instantly.
I have too little data, and no 90+Grifts to actually compare both Vyr versions.
Any Vyr's variant will do 100+.

Cold Vyr's w/ Chantodo + Absolute Zero
MH Vyr's w/ Chantodo
MH Vyr's w/o Chantodo (Pig Sticker/Aether Walker/In-Geom/whatever random weapon + Cosmic Strand/Etched Sigil/OoID/whatever random source)
MH Vyr's w/ Deathwish + Etched Sigil
Vyr's Frozen Orb
Vyr's Twisters

The Deathwish variant is certainly quite powerful. I think someone did something like a 110 with it on the non-seasonal board. I'd peg it as more powerful than any of the non-Chantodo's MH versions (e.g. Pig Sticker). Not by a ton, but enough.

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