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I've played Diablo since the beginning; no other game has hooked me like this one -- keep up the great work. A few quality of life improvements that would be great:

- when looking at items in your inventory, display the Armor set(s) that each item is associated with. This will make it harder to accidentally delete an item you are using on a currently disabled armour set.
- it would be nice if the floating damage display could be slowed down, so that you could actually read the amounts. Perhaps the highest damage per rift run could be displayed for a few seconds longer...
- when upgrading legendary gems, holding shift would assign all upgrades to the selected gem.
- when completing a level in a greater rift, it would be nice if the way down displayed as stairs leading down, and vice versa. Currently there are several levels where the way down is shown with stairs leading up.
- find a way to have build gear that is swapped into and out of the Armory to consistently end up in the same place -- it is too easy to lose gear when switching builds, because it can go anywhere.


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