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Barbarian >>>>>> DH > Crus > Necro = Monk > WD > Wiz

I was very pleasantly surprised to find out how enjoyable DH can be.
DH first for season, multishot is a beast for T13 Under 4 min as a solo player, it helps to finish it under 30h and go back to off-season.

I play every class, and it greatly depend on the build.
1) DH : multishot for speed and Impale for GR
2) Monk : Sunwuko LTK / 10k gen
3) Barb : only in GR, WW or HotA
4) WD : only GR, Jade or firebat (pets are dumb)
5) Wiz : only GR, 100% vyr pure archon (the true one with 5APS)
6) Crus : only GR, hammerdin and (soonTM) invoker
7) Necro : like i have any choice...

Necro has horrible ressource manadgement (both essence and corpses). Crus is ok but i feel a bit fragile (block rework ?). DH and monk just have god-like mobility and endless ressources (in my builds). Also, i always play melee builds (except multishot). I like to have high attack speed and life regen. ^^
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Berserker, Gladiator, Slayer then Jugg


Mine would be

Slayer, then Necromancer and Trickster.
I play every class, and my fav always changing.
Now rank like:
Crusader: condemn is too strong
DH: impale
Monk: always near top but never really push it. most time zmonk
Barb: HOTA is fun, two sword is *#$% design
WD: I like garg or chicken HT
Wiz: one time fav, unable to survive nowdays with meteor, Tal FO still fun
Necro: still not get the build I like, too CDR reliant
My n°1 favorite: Monk ! I think it has more styles (support, tank, full damage)
My n°2 favorite: Demon Hunter

Worst class: Crusader
Top chars

When the crusader came out, I really liked the idea, hoping the character will play like a paladin but I grew tired of the play style. The remaining chars are ok ^^
never played crusader.
This season tho... my top pick. Dat condemn
Barb- My old fav especially WW. I quit the Barb for some reasons though. Raekor is clunky, WW hurts my wrist, Hota has crap AOE and there is no D2 Double Swing.

Demon Hunter- My new fav especially MS. Cute pets, Vault and a deadly arsenal of skills.

Wizard- I want to like this class but it just fails compared to the D2 Sorc. Underwhelming and overly complicated.

The others aren't even worth a mention.
i think i played most classes aside from the barb. never took a liking to him.

tbh, i find all the remaining classes enjoyable to the same degree.
My Necro and Wizard are tied for #1 :D
Meatball Parmagiana----Sorry, couldn't resist.

Seriously, my favorites vary depending on my mood.
Necro is my least favorite so far but that could change.
Paladin - and specifically Zealer or Hammerdin, my all time favs.

Sorceress is my next favorite, awesome class, and the go-to class on Ladder Reset. Love it.


As for D3, its necro with the Inarius set and Mirinae Gem, before they nerfed it ("unintentionally" aparently).

Right now no class is fun for me personally in D3. Maybe Inarius and Mirinae will come back in 2.6.2.
Love: Monk, DH, WD

Don't mind: Wiz, Sader

Can't stand: Barb, Necro

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