Xmas Rift Plz

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12/16/2017 01:57 PMPosted by Jaromnak

Why are you searching them in-game? We have plenty of it here.
For Xmas i want to face a scary monster such as Swamp Monster.


They could get inspiration in D2 ACT 3 wild and dark graphics to do a similar map with brand new monster and bosses, and new legendaries, recipes.
12/16/2017 02:00 PMPosted by Panerdar
Blizzard has said numerous times that Christmas does not fit the Diablo theme and will not be part of the game so probably not.

They don't make events in D3 because they can't monetize them. It's not a matter of things fitting or not. There are several easter eggs and promotional items in the game that obviously don't fit, but they're still in the game. Some examples:
Mercy's wings: bonus for purchasing the Overwatch Origins edition.
Kerrigan's Wings/ Wings of the Ghost Queen: bonus for purchasing the Heart of the Swarm collector's edition for SC2 and a HOTS event, respectively.
Wings of the Betrayer: Bonus for purchasing the WoW: Legion collector's edition.

Do you know why their other games have "events"? They're all tied to that old and tired buy now for a limited time only! marketing trick. It's meant to trigger impulsive purchases, and it works. D3 already had it's turn at the over-monetization party, and it was unceremoniously kicked out of it, rightfully so when the AH profiteering scheme blew up on Blizzard's faces. It took them a massive effort to restore D3's PR face a bit, and they would be really stupid to break it again with another PR mess.

Why do you think Overwatch and HOTS have these events all the time? They're all associated to items you can find on lootboxes for a limited time only. WoW has these events for similar reasons. They can make people come back to the game for those events given their limited time availability and the fact rewards aren't the exact same year after year, boosting subscriptions. Compare this to D3's Diablo celebration event. It's supposed to be the exact same thing as last year, which makes sense since they can't really monetize the thing with those limited time purchases. they even said the thing was just made in the developers' free time. It's a cool gesture from the devs, but it speaks rather loudly about how much Blizzard as a company cares for D3 as a product since it can't make them much more money.

So yeah, they could perfectly make something suitable for Christmas, if there were something in it for them. However, Since there isn't, they can't be bothered past the initiative of the development team, which I suppose didn't divert any resources of whatever they've got currently allocated for D3's development. Celebrating the Winter's solstice with the ancient Barbarian tribes, maybe? Commemorating the crusader order's rites? There's many possibilities to implement something special without breaking the lore. they've already done a pretty touching memorial for Kanai with the cube and the whole King Kanai event thing, despite the guy not even being in the lore previously, so "not fitting" isn't really a problem for them. Just thought I'd put things a bit into perspective rather than swallowing empty PR speech whole.
12/16/2017 11:53 PMPosted by AranTomerVal
12/16/2017 03:54 PMPosted by ValentinAran
Boost everything !
Double, triple or quadro

Legendary, Ancients and Primals
Horadric Cache
Monsters, mobsters, creatures density (GRs & Adventure Mode)
Death's Breaths
Greed's Palace
Gold find
Rainbow Goblins find

Nice work
May your dreams come true
Have them all in winter holiday outfits and drop red/green mogs. * laugh * that would be funny
Yeah, maybe add goblins and unicorns too!
How about a goblin dressed as Santa?

Can appear randomly in the world for the month of December and killing it opens a Winter Wonderland rift. Kind of like how the cow goblin worked a couple of years ago. Rift can contain crazed reindeer and gingerbread men, which would simply be re-skins of the ponies and teddy bears.

Cosmetic rewards could be:
- Wreath portrait frame.
- Angel wings colored red and white.
- Santa hat transmog.
- Candy cane weapon transmog.
- Flashing Christmas light offhand transmog for Wizard/Necromancer.
- Mistletoe offhand transmog for Witch Doctor. (Gimme a kiss demon! lol)
The games has already all their christmas stuff,

Can you guess which one is the only without content?
Krampus boss fight.
Yes... Santa in a corrupt angel skin, carrying sacks of goblins. The goblins survive the fight and scatter when the sack hits the ground. Santa attacks like a corrupt angel, but first appears riding in a sleigh pulled by a horde of mallet lords. Dam... That'd be hot.
After all these years and you guys still don't know Blizz ^^
12/16/2017 02:47 PMPosted by Midnight
12/16/2017 02:00 PMPosted by Panerdar
Blizzard has said numerous times that Christmas does not fit the Diablo theme and will not be part of the game so probably not.

I'm glad they are not doing that.

It still boggles my mind how the damn unicorns and rainbows got in? That's some serious misfit. I wish they gave us an option in game to disable that from even showing up.

Don't for get the cows LOL
12/16/2017 02:00 PMPosted by Panerdar
Blizzard has said numerous times that Christmas does not fit the Diablo theme and will not be part of the game so probably not.

Not entirely true. Krampus fits in quite well with the Diablo theme and is part of Christmas in a few cultures.
12/17/2017 08:57 PMPosted by ValentinAran
Nice work May your dreams come true :-)

As soon as...
It's Christmas not Xmas.
Primal Santa Spawn with Dark elven helpers (that drop loot like Gob Packs do) in Whimsyshire that has an increased drop rate on primal items along with some Christmas theme would be kinda cool for a 1 week limited time Dec. 24-31st. I'd definitely whip out my staff of Herding for that, otherwise it will continue to collect dust on a pack mule.

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