Might of the Earth + Girdle of Giant

I'm trying to see if this is working, but can't see damage amounts. They are too fast for me to watch.

I'm using the Might of the Earth (6) set plus the Girdle of Giants.
MoE triggers an Earthquake every time I Leap.
GoG gives me +250% EQ damage for the next 3 seconds after I trigger Seismic Slam.

My play is Seismic Slam to set up the 250% buff for 3 seconds followed immediately with Leap. I'm thinking that should trigger EQ with +250% extra damage. I can't tell if that's what's happening.

Can anyone tell me for sure that's how it works? Or is it that the Leap triggered EQ isn't the same as an individual key triggered EQ?
The Girdle of Giants buffs your Earthquake damage regardless of if you used Leap or cast it manually.

Next time, post in the Barbarian forum instead of the Brawling forum (this forum is for PVP or rather lack-thereof).

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