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I know that there's a million posts about this, but by creating a new thread I hope that:
- the frustrated people who tried everything on their end (like me) get a chance at having it fixed
- Blizzard becomes aware of the problem (as it's ultimately on their end)

My problem:
I'm playing with my wife who's seating next to me. We're both on the same (home) Wifi. We would repeatedly get error 1016 and get kicked to login screen, either me or her. The frequency was every 1 to 10 minutes, increasing gradually over time. This also happened when we played alone, albeit less frequently.

What we tried:
- Everything :P

What worked:
- Calling the ISP and talking to a competent tech support guy. When I told him I am experiencing disconnects when playing Diablo, he said:

"Oh, so a Blizzard game. Let me try switching your internet connection from IPv6 to IPv4. We're frequently getting such reports for Blizzard games and apparently their servers can't handle IPv6 properly yet."

And that solved the issue - switching router settings to use IPv4 instead of IPv6.

@ Players - get on your router or call your ISP and tell them to try switching your connection to use IPv4. Maybe it will work for you.

@ Blizzard - please look into this on your end, it seems that your servers are ultimately at fault here. My internet worked flawlessly everywhere except when playing Diablo3; moreover, when I got the 1016 error I could see the game running fine behind the error message and I could even interact with the game and I saw my wife fighting, so I clearly wasn't disconnected at all.
Congrats it seems to have work for you. 1016 is generic error code for disconnects between your computer, dsl/cable modem/router, all the internet hop, and finally the Blizzard servers. Could be as simple as reinstalling/updating computer network driver. What fixes for one player may not fix another's connectivity. Review the tech support sticky posts. Web search what other players have tried.
04/23/2017 03:33 PMPosted by Arthe
I did what @SilverFox suggested in other post, and it fixed D3 for me.

Turned IPv6 and did this:
Before I did that, I couldnt even get to 40% of normal rift, after turning it off I played 9hrs straight without any dc.
I still think the 1016 is from the expansion. My wife and I play at same time frequently, and I'm always the one to get kicked off, while she never gets kicked off. EVER. We've both been playing since 2016, and she's never had the error. NOT EVEN ONCE, while I get these errors about as often as you did. I play on the hardline (mostly) and she always plays via WiFi. The other difference between her and I, I installed the expansion, and she did not. Before installing expansion, I never experienced a disconnect error. Now, I get them all the time, whether we're playing at the same time, or it's just me playing.
Getting the 1016 error repeatedly. Getting very frustrated.

Purchased the game via pre-order through gamestop. Hated it. (PC)

Played Diablo 2 religously since its release date. Still love it. (PC)

For some reason decided to try out D3 again and purchased Reaper of Souls
through gamestop. It was fun (ps3)

Found out ps3 version does not have the content the pc offers for D3. Got pissed off

Pulled out Diablo 3 from my box of !@#$ that we all have. Proceeded to play to find out the game key no longer works? okay you got 60 bucks

Re-Purchased Diablo 3 and the expansion to play on PC. okay you got 20 more bucks

Now after a week of playing flawlessly. No changes to my computer or my network. I have received the error code 1016 EVERY SINGLE F**KING TIME I USE THE WARP FEATURE, OR WAYPOINT, OR TOWN PORTAL.

Longstoryshort f**kyoublizzard
09/04/2018 04:08 PMPosted by NateTheGreat
Now after a week of playing flawlessly. No changes to my computer or my network. I have received the error code 1016

Provide window info/computer specs if you wish other players to provide assistance. Review sticky posts. Updated windows? Checked computer/motherboard support webpage for driver updates (video, audio, network)? Power cycled modem/router/computer? Restricted internet connection to IPv4 -- not IPv4 and IPv6?

Connection Troubleshooting

Tech support web ticket (can't connect)

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