noob needs help on Urzael

Looking for advice how to continue with Chapter IV my seasonal Crusader. Stuck @ Urzael and spent 700k on repairs. Tried with hammers, blessed shield, justice ( all of them buffed with legendary or Set bonus). Alas my best achievement was down to 480M, boss already in enrage and my horse refusing to move away from fire.

Essentially my question is what numbers for damage/toughness should have in order to succeed or the only way is to get fire immunity item? Perhaps also on suitable skill to use?
So you got 4 of the Blessed Hammer set items, but neither of the 2 legendary items equipped. You need to find the Johanna's items. They will make quick work of Urzael for You.
I haven't done season journey with crusader and haven't levelled a crusader from scratch in years but looking at your eu profile I would say that you could try to invest a lot more in defensive skills and passives.
Thanks for help!
Or ask for help. It doesn't need to be solo, if I remember correctly.

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