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In Polish forum (im from Poland) people also having stutter, freezing, crashes problem. So its normal. Everybody has this. Blizzard did nothing about this. One gameplay is fine but another is worse.
Same here. The game has worked in the past, now it is stuttering, freezing and crashing. There are tons of people having this issue. It doesn't seem to be related to specific graphic boards or manufacturers nor even be limited to Windows 10.

Just two more links, there are many more threads to find on the subject.

This bug makes computers crash and reboot; not quite funny for those who have backup or cloud sync operations in progress.

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11/16/2018 06:00 AMPosted by Bodisan
I faced the same problem and what worked for me was to install all Microsoft Updates (Win 10 64-bit). Everytime the D3 freeze happened, I

11/16/2018 04:23 AMPosted by Polo
Anyone trouble with the new Windows 10 Update ?D3 just stops only reset possible CRTL Alt Delete

Issues may appear the same but be caused by different circumstances. Review sticky posts.

Windows and computer setup specs? Have Razor mouse/keyboard? Using Discord or other overlay? Overclocking computer? Run windows update and check for latest drivers (video, audio, network). Test by adjusting D3 video options between full screen, windowed full screen, and windowed. Lower video settings. Disable background programs.

Diablo III Locking and Crashing
Checking for Overheating Components
Overlay Incompatibilities
Diablo III Performance Issues
YouTube link (Improve Diablo 3 performance, Higher FPS, Lower Ping!)
GUIDE: Maximizing System Performance for Overwatch (PC)
Conflicting programs that can hinder performance in Overwatch

There can be a variety of programs both on the overlay and the in the background that can hinder your performance in Overwatch. If you notice freezes in game, this can often be pointed to a program that is taking up system resources. This includes:
•Web Browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome (Chrome is a big culprit)
•Third-Party Communication Applications such as Discord, Skype, and Teamspeak
•Cloud Storage Management Programs such as OneDrive, Evernote, and Dropbox
•Streaming software such as ShadowPlay, Open Broadcasting Software, and ReLive
•Anti-Virus and Malware Protection applications

The re-released Windows 10 1809 is still buggy -- and some fixes won't arrive until next year

Windows 10 version 1809 -- aka the October 2018 Update -- was such a mess that Microsoft was forced to pull it and spend weeks trying to fix the numerous problems that early adopters had encountered, which included (but were not limited to) data loss, Windows failing to remember default app choices, driver issues and much more.

On Tuesday, the software giant finally re-released the update, but if you were hoping things would go a lot smoother this time around, you’d be wrong. Windows 10 1809 still has some pretty major issues for users to be aware of.
Thanks a lot for your reply, SilverFox, I really appreciate it. I already tried about everything including 32/64 bit, several graphic drivers, windows updates, uninstall/reinstall D3, check for overclocking, windowed mode, lower fps, no antialiasing etc. The error messages in D3Debug.txt after the crash are mostly differing, some of which occur multiple times. When I google them I always end up in one of the plenty freezing/crashing topics.

I would not exclude the possibilty of a hardware (memory) error in my case. Maybe I will buy a new computer soon anyway.
In all honesty, this is starting to seriously piss me off. Blizzard thinks it is a good idea to start some stupid new mobile game instead of answering the D3 problems. It seems like most of us are having the same issues but have had no response from Blizzard. I have been a fan of Blizzard since the first Diablo, but am seriously rethinking my allegiance.
So yeah, same problem last year. Solid 60fps until a momentary full stop to 0fps for one half to one full second. I was playing on a DVI display and I want to know now if anyone had this problem on a DP display since I've upgraded my display. It is an agrivating problem that is very unpredictable. Since that mobile announcement at E3 2019, and reviewing this issue I was hoping for a hot fix but Diablo stutter seems overlooked.

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