Condemn vs Blessed Shield

Assuming perfect gears on both these builds.

(Please correct me if I am wrong)
Blade of Prophecy 800% additional Condemn damage
Fryder Wrath 800% additional Condemn damage
= 9 x9 = x81
With Strongarm Bracer
= 9 x 9 x 1.3 = 105.3
But Strongarm Bracer is not consistent; it could not pull GRs nor some of the heavy elites.

Gyrfalcon 350% additional BShield damage
Jekangboard 300% additional BShield damage
Akkhan Manacle 500% additional BShield damage
4.5 x 4.0 x 6.0 = x108
Akkhan's Leniency is another source of DPS, 30% per hit and I and seeing like 15~20 stacks.

How/Why is Condemn doing better?
Was it because of Akkhan Manacle's 1st target condition?
Was it because Condemn skill itself deals more DPS than BShield?

PS: What was the BShield nerf during PTR?
Condemn is the king of fishing and building destiny , which is all that matters when it comes to pushing high GR
Akkhan's Manacle bonus only applies to one target, while Blade of Prophecy can give us up to two extra explosions on multiple targets on top of the multipliers.

Condemn's base damage is also a lot higher than Blessed Shield.
After a few hours playing Blessed Shield, I realized in my experience:
1. Blessed Shield can kill the RG faster than my Condemn build. I dont know why/how, but I just did.

2. Akkhan's Leniency adds additional DPS. In GR, I was getting like 40+ stacks! Thats a huge additional DPS. Though on average, I see 20+ easily. While I was doing 1.5T damage with condemn, I was seeing 2.5T with BShield. But on RG, that stack rarely go above 6. Then again, Condemn's BoP can only do 2 explosions instead of 3 vs RGs.

3. However, while I was running to the next elite pack, I was not killing anything in between. This significantly increases my run time and it adds up fast so much so, I cant push as high as my condemn even if I can do more damage with it.

4. I do get stuck more often with Blessed Shield. This increases run time as well.

5. Right now, Manacle's 1st target bonus is the huge limiting factor IMO.

I am going back to Condemn. It was fun playing Capt America for a few hours nonetheless.

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