Need advice on condemn safer weapon reroll

I have been playing a condemn crusader with pretty good results (mostly for pushing GRs) using the primal sword of prophecy you can see equipped on my (male) crusader right now. The sword has 10% damage, strength, and 10% cool down on it.

This morning I found another primal sword with 10% cool down reduction and 24% area damage on it for natural rolls.

My question is if there's anyway I could reroll the sword to make it superior to the one I am currently using? I must keep the cool down reduction to have full uptime on Akkarat's Champion, so the possibilities I thought of are either keeping it as is or rerolling either strength or AD to 10% damage.

Edit (looking at thread title): damn spellchecker!
Sword? Furnace is the best weapon (presuming it has decent stats). If it's a Blade of Prophecy it could be used and 10% damage would probably be best even though AD isn't half bad.
I am using the furnace in my cube (forgot to mention that).
Keep the AD and roll Strength to 10% damage. At your Para, you can sacrifice the 1465 Strength (~5% of your total, I'm guessing) for added AD.

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