The Real Barbarians King

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Thx a lot to all of u guys! I've been an honest player for a long time.
Thx to all players that dedicated me their time to play together (it's been so frustrating ahhahahahahah)
I'm happy I managed at least to discredit those thieving bastards, AKA Blizzard Entertainment, and let you know a bit of the truth.
It's time for me to let my hero die for ever and play chess (that's a real immortal skills game!)

The real Barbarians King

02/09/2018 04:08 AMPosted by lib

He just tried to say Blizzard cheated on him. And it's name Blizzard Entertainment from Entertainment hint this game does have nothing. He cancelled his credit Diablo buy option to reversing the D3 Acquisition order with the credit card holder (maybe does he said a strange used his card without his knowledge?). He will retire his hero forever and start to playing Chess in additional which is better than this game.
Thank you too Lukano =)
It's been nice to play with you in vanilla for 2k hours and a bit after ros got released
I remember how blizzard destroyed your legendary hc solo barb rank 1 with pull reaekor just releasing the new WW set items 3 days before closing the era and u slipped in 22nd position instead of being the legitimate hc solo barb rank1 ahahahahhaah.
That's been a serious full legit record, wow no turbo hud and you also had half of the paragons of rank 2, only 2 legendary gems, items with dex and not upgraded diamonds.
ps my bot is still running ahahahahhaha

Always interesting to read when a player with two accounts leads self conversation.
02/09/2018 04:41 AMPosted by NINEGRAVES
Always interesting to read when a player with two accounts leads self conversation.

02/09/2018 04:08 AMPosted by lib

He is one of the few players that openly admitted to bot 24/7 this season. There is some sort of banhammer going on, so he either just lost his account or feels that it will be banned. However, I wouldn’t really open the champagne, because in reality only some higher up lb entries (top 100) will get the hammer, as usual, rest of low profile botters and bounty bots will be still running. Actual account suspension is done manually (too responsible to automatically issue a termination, there were problems with that before, such as nvidia software triggering Wardens and so on), so there is no way that Blizzard will have enough of resources to examine more than 1000 accounts, if that.

From botting portal, recent testimony:

“Well, it finally happened. I got the ban hammer. Strangely enough I have a second account that botted just as much as the first, and it survied. It is not anywhere on the leaderboards though. See below e-mail.....”

Bush is the pres but I voted for Dead Prez

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