Wrath issues

Hi all, I am running out of wrath as i do not numlock Condem, my CDR is 56.45%

Total Wrath is 125
Wrath regen is 7.5

Is it just a case of finding similar gear but with resource cost reduction?

Just did a gr 104 solo and para level 1850, currently 432 on leader board..Not sure if im were i should be or higher etc,....

Any help for wrath starve would be great

Long arm of the law instead of indestructible.
Numlock of condemn isn't so good.
Change passive as Jazz is saying. Still,
I cannot see your gear {on my phone} but at 1,8k para and 100 augments you should clear 113-114 with some fishing. Did 113 at 1,4-1,5para with indestructible instead of long arm ad passive. For the wrath, try to use provoke when you got allot of mobs around you and be sure to have wrath when fire Coe is on so you can max dmg when Holly comes.

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