[Project] Wishlist for S14 and it's patch

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Here is a wishlist for class-NON-SPECIFIC changes i would like to see. Just changes that affects the whole game and not a single class!

This list will be long, skip to end and read summary if you are lazy. Reading will be worth it!

This wishlist should, in first case, just affect the Adventure Mode!


- The "Legacy of Nightmares" Ring-Set is now a "Passive Skill" for each class and is renamed to "Malthael's Embracing"
(Cannot be rolled on a Hellfire Amulet)

Unlocked on level 70

Rewrite function to:
If chosen, Set Powers have no function.

- Gain 5% "damage reduction" per Item
- Each Item increases your damage, differs from type.

Rare 60%
Legendary 100% (max 1300%)
Ancient Legendary 150% (max 1950%)
Primal Ancient Legendary 175% (max 2275%) (16,67% increase to "Ancients")

(2H-weapons equal 2 items for NON-DH's and Crusader if no passive)


- "Movement Speed" will no longer be capped at 25%. Each source adds it's own value on top
(This includes Items, Skills, Paragon, Group Buffs)

- Rift Key now stacks up to 1000
- Ramaladnis Gift now stacks up to 500
- Potions can be picked from stash too
- On the right site of character menu, have a jewellery belt that stores all non-legendary gems for you (5x5 space)(left side is material craft tab)
- "This is not a cow level"-portals automatically close 60 seconds after finishing the cow-event

Infernal Machine

- Uber boss-fights can be resetted by a demonic statue located in the small house where the portals are opened. Functions like a "bounty-bossfight voting"
(No leaving anymore)
- Succesfull Uber boss-fights open a portal back to the small house where the portals are opened.
(Fluid transition)

- T13 Key-warden kills now guarantee 2 drops of infernal machine types
(Up from 1+90% chance on 2nd)


- Add an option to delete saved Builds
- Add all class-sepcific icons to the list of usable smybols
(Passives/Actives/?Set Models?)
- Extend the name-holder line or make the writing smaller (need longer text)
- Add "that helmet symbol" to items linked to Armory-Builds.
(Maybe between sellvalue & item-durability)

Kanai's Cube

- Remove crafted/changed Item after "transmuting" but highlight it well visibly in inventory for 3 seconds
- Lower price for "Reforge Legendary (Option 2) to 4/40
(careful request)
- Add an option to "augment diamonds" (1,5 resi per level = 150 on level 100)


- Reduce "amulet" cost to 50 bloodshards

Nephalem Rifts

- When playing alone, remove the 30 seonds delay timer after closing
- Increase expirience gained in Nephalem Rifts by x1,5
(careful request)
- Enable "killing sprees" in "Nephalem Rifts"
(careful request)

Greater Rifts

- Give an option in settings whether the "Rift-Completing Screen" should be shown or not


- Lower amount of bounties to 3 per act on Solo-Play. When a player joins a solo game 2 Bounties per act are added to the game that remain as long as 2 or more players are in.
- Increase the bonus expirience granted by a finished Bounty by x1,5
(careful request)
- Inrease the final bonus expirience on "completing an act" by x2
(careful request)


- Remove "Increased Goldfind" for "Increased Pick Up Radius" (0,1m/rank = 5m)


-All level 61+ jewellery should roll with a guaranteed Socket
(This includes, of course, Rings and Amulets)

- The least* roll for "Critical Hit Damage"-rollls has been increased
(30 for lower rolls, like rings/gloves, 70 for higher rolls, like amulets)

- The least* roll for Cooldown reduction & Ressource-Cost reduction has been increased
(6 for lower rolls, like shoulders and gloves, 7 for higher rolls, like weapons)


- Add an option for "Solo only"

Solo only has a few restrictions

- permanent choice
(gets transfered to normal after a Season ends)
- No option to join/open public games
- No option to invite or get invited by anyone

- "Solo only" characters have an own leaderboard for each class
(Option in setting menu to show/hide Leaderboard entries in drop down menu to evade a "messy list"


- Add "killing sprees" to all stages of the Season Journey
- Remove ALL Set-Dungeon requirements for the Season Journey

If you came to this point....CONGRATULATIONS!


- Make bounties more rewardable and efficient (more XP)
- Make normal Rifts more rewardable and fun(XP+" Killing Sprees)
- Huge overhaul to "Legacxy of Nightmares-->Passive + rescaling
- QoL Changes to Infernal Machines, Kanai's Cube, Gem Overview and Itemization
- Removed Movement Speed-Cap --> Each source adds up

I hope you enjoy my list. Blizzard & Community, pls keep that list in mind for future projects!

I may not agree with everything, but I think overall this is a beautiful layout of how to make D3 perfect going into Maint mode. Or at least as perfect as possible.
Pointless in discussing this...S14 will be on patch 2.6.1...same as S12 and S13...

D3 development is dead...time to move onto the new Diablo game...

No one knows what is happening in the background! We, the community, can only make assumptions.

And the point that Demonmonger said.... i like it.

IF, there is really nothing left at all when it comes to big patches and content.... this might be a good list to work around to bring it into maintanance-mode.

My guess is, that there is at least 2-3 years of work left for D3. Blizzard doesn't start with adding the Necromancer and then stop there.
For me, that won't make sense at all.
The new ingame shop. The Engine-Update we got last year, where they implemented DX11 (i guess) and the 64bit mode, the D1-event (even its a freetime addition).... i think thhe game won't die the next time.

Maybe, all those new job-postings are for future things, well, at least some have to, according to unannounced projects, BUT, i think there is also something hidden for US, we don't see yet. :)

Anyway.... I hope, earlier or later, all those changes will get a look from the Developement-team. I tried think of all suggestions, wishes and QoL stuff that the community brought up....and of course my personal wishes. ;)

Lets see what happens!
02/04/2018 04:36 PMPosted by homerjnick
Pointless in discussing this...S14 will be on patch 2.6.1...same as S12 and S13...

D3 development is dead...time to move onto the new Diablo game...

It is never pointless!

Even if D3 does not get many more or any changes, the ideas that we share will be heard and discussed by someone relevant!

FWIW, I still think we have 2-3 major patches coming for D3. No reason to do a background server slam if no additions are being made. What they will add, who knows, likely just balance tweaks etc... but my main hope is the background server slam that they were going to patch in this week is the bot banning software we are all clamoring for them to get.
I still think, this thread deserves more attention.

Feel free to discuss and advance my suggestions.

Please take a look on the community's request.

Again.... because i still like the base and original intention of the game...


After every day, where the the Season hits, there is perfect silence till the next PTR patch, over and over again.

You don't answer valuable threads and you don't communicate in the right way when wre are actively suggesting things.

Please think about that!

PS: If you have 7-10 minutes Nevalistis, hand this opening post to the developement side, so they can take a look and JUMP RIGHT IN TO THE FORUMS.

Dear Devs!

Please take a look on my opening post. Maybe you will keep some of those things in mind when it comes to future changes!


Thanks in advance!
02/04/2018 04:36 PMPosted by homerjnick
Pointless in discussing this...S14 will be on patch 2.6.1...same as S12 and S13...

D3 development is dead...time to move onto the new Diablo game...

I think I've heard this game is dead and in maintenance mode every year since release. You just never know with this game.
Nice job all in all. Add a few QoL requests posted past few months (other forum posts). Check typos.
02/04/2018 03:07 PMPosted by Mortred
- "Solo only" characters have an own leaderboard for each class

Agree. For those not selecting solo-only seasons mode, refrain as 1player, 2player, 3player, and 4player. Don't use word "solo" if can group play that character.
02/04/2018 03:07 PMPosted by Mortred
- Remove ALL Set-Dungeon requirements for the Season Journey

Disagree. Require for Guardian, but not Conqueror (helps those just doing season for stash tab).

Cubing Bovine Bardiches open NEW cow portal (closing previous if open).

Add never-ending rifts for those wanting an alternative to Greater Rifts. Rift progression bar resets once RG dies. Twist is that difficulty increases (+5 GR levels) each time RG killed. Potential for higher quality drops?

Restrict how bots provide unfair advantage:
1. Farming bounties. In order to be rewarded Horadric Caches, you must join game BOTH before 5 bounties completed same act and before 13 bounties of 25 completed.
2. Farming uber machines. To enter uber portals, you must create at least one portal that game.
I also have a few suggestions that you can add to your list:

  • Move the Paragon Point Button to the right, between the resource orb and the friendlist & collection buttons. That way it will not become too annoying when you level up in a GR and it limits your view.
  • Give us the option to change back to the gauntlet cursor! Many people do not like the current cursor. Allow us to select a checkmark in the options menu to change the cursor for people who want to use the old one.
  • Let Bovine Bardiches stack. Not directly, but let us transmute the Bovine Bardiches with the cube into a stackable item like a cow-bell and this cow-bell stacks up to 100 times. When you then cube the cow-bell again, it opens the portal to the cow level.
  • It would be nice if they give the crafted sets a BADLY-NEEDED update--especially the ones with 4-piece bonuses.

    My original ideas are posted here: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/d3/topic/20759269934#post-1

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