Make a viable Phalanx build for crusaders

I love summoners in games (that feeling of having things do *my* bidding) so,
- I played the Witch Doctor when the game came out
- and then the Necromancer

But then I saw
- Baleful Remnant that raises soldiers to fight for you if you kill them while in Akarat's Champion.
And with:
- Phalanx Bodyguard (raises two solders)
- Falling Sword Rise Brothers Rune (3 soldiers)
- Eternal Union (to increase duration)
- Unrelenting Phalanx

It's seriously like an army. When you kill really fast and keep Akarat's champion cooldown low, there are so many of your soldiers on the screen to count. It's like The Lord of the Rings Helm's Deep dawn (look to the east) scene where Gandalf rides in with the Riders of Rohan to demolish the hordes. I play the LOTR battle music in my head while I have my 'army' up!

Ahhh, good times..A set dedicated to Phalanx??? Oh my...
I loaded my old phalanx build and did t13 not super fast but ok. Main issue is I used blood brother I don't think that's a good weapon we need something like bop with 60k multiplier that way everyone will play crusader :-)
With bow men you want a 1 hand weapon to hit breakpoints
It's close but it's like the WD spirit barrage - regardless of whether a person uses the LoN bowmen build or the Akarat's - the default stats need a buff.

I like the build and I also agree they should visibly benefit more from tasker and theo gloves and the enforcer gem.
giving the bowmen the ability to pierce would help greatly. or bodyguard cleave.
I tried an experiment with % Physical damage amulet and bracers. One test without and one with 40% physical boost and marginal differences in overall attire comparable damage = No visible difference in noticeable damage by using the physical boost with Bowmen or Bodyguard runes.
I do not know if it's intentional or a bug. Personally I thought whatever skill and element on the rune was affected but it seems not. :(
CoE seems to work though when it cycles to physical.
On PTR LoN is half the damage of any other Sader build at least.

Blizzard openly stated that some builds will never be good, and are there for speed clearing non greater rifts. Unfortunately for us, the Phalanx build falls into this category.

I wish we had real build diversity already.

Had to edit, Akkhans set is so bad I forgot it exists, even 3 piece LON will be better on PTR.
Ponysader was one of my favorite builds to play, I would love it if it was viable again.

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