Manald Heal Mechanics

I've been searching around for answers and haven't found anything recent enough to trust. Given the updates, bug fixes, patches, etc, I'd prefer a solid answers that come later than early-2017.

Does MH currently benefit from Elemental % and/or Elite DMG%?

Does MH benefit from Bane of the Trapped? I.E. Lightning damage > Paralysis > Trapped buff > MH DMG, or Lightning damage > Paralysis > MH DMG > Trapped buff

Does Magic Weapon: Electrify proc MH?

Can Black Hole: Supermassive proc MH more than once?

Lightning Hydra can proc MH, but skills summoned by Etched Sigil cannot, so can MH still proc if Hydra is summoned via Etched Sigil? contains a list of the MH buffs

insanely detailed guide about manald heal

And its a NO for Hydras (procs don´t proc procs) and I´m also pretty sura about a NO forBlackhole too (counts as 1 attack).
03/20/2018 04:15 AMPosted by Pariko
And its a NO for Hydras (procs don´t proc procs)

That's not true, actually. Lightning Hydra can proc Paralysis, and thus Manald Heal.

03/20/2018 04:15 AMPosted by Pariko
and I´m also pretty sura about a NO forBlackhole too (counts as 1 attack).

I don't think that's true either, unless they changed something. Paralysis procs "on cast" rather than "on hit", so if the first tick of a multi-tick ability procs Paralysis, then all ticks of that single cast will proc it. It's why Paralysis + MH is so strong with Static Discharge, Archon Beam, and to a lessor degree Electrocute. So if the initial cast of Supermassive procs Paralysis, then all the ticks in that cast will trigger MH if you have it equipped.
There is a LOT of information in those pages. I read through them before creating this thread, but I've read through them again and caught a few things I missed previously. I created this thread because a few things I noticed mentioned in those posts didn't SEEM to hold true on my end. Mainly, Furnace, elemental%, and procs not proccing MH, since when I changed up the stats on my gear, like swapping Furnace in my cube for a Serpent Sparker and favoring attack speed over ALL crit buffs, I found that instead of getting any stronger, my overall damage dropped through the floor to outright laughable lows. Since the posts were from early last year, I figured maybe some of the details had changed with the patches since then, but re-reading them, I missed out on key, important details.

-MH can crit.

...Well, that's really the main one that matters. A few other details revolving around that, like emeralds in a weapon DO increase MH damage, so my complete neglect of crit chance/damage (because I thought MH was a static proc) neutered my damage into oblivion. Makes a lot more sense now.
That's interesting coz I was fooling with a spectral blades build those days (using shame of Delsere's and fragment of destiny and high asp) and was wondering if storm armor with the rune "shocking aspect" could proc MH or not when a critical hit triggers this rune effect ...

I know the rule about "procs do not proc procs" but I was wondering if anyone had tested that ...
03/23/2018 11:18 PMPosted by Gelador
wondering if storm armor with the rune "shocking aspect" could proc MH or not when a critical hit triggers this rune effect ...

THAT'S the thing I forgot!! I knew I was missing something in my original post. I'm probably on some kind of list now after shredding through so many Google searches looking for one person who has said anything about this. I've tried it myself, but didn't notice any difference for better or worse, but I also don't trust myself to test things properly in D3. I've come across two or three pages of people bringing this up, and the people that answer them don't even touch the subject of Shocking Aspect. The guides Pariko suggested don't mention Shocking Aspect, or even just Storm Armor in general, even once.

If anyone could test this reliably, it would be greatly appreciated; If Storm Armor procs MH, if Shocking Aspect can add MH procs, and if either interferes with MH procs from other sources the same way Hydras interfere with Lightning Archon D-Wave MH procs.
HA HA ! Glad to see I am not the only one wondering about it ... Tried it too but did not see any noticeable improvements but I am on the same boat as you (i.e. no pro at testing stuff).

However, pretty sure it should not work coz Blizz has learnt a lesson about SA-SA from back in the early days of D3 (aka 1.02 or around) ... ; )
You can test that in Fields of Misery T1 (equip a white weapon), the damage between Storm Armor and Manald Heal is very noticiable.

By my understanding I guess it should works, any lightning damage should have a chance to trigger Paralysis, and Paralysis is what actually triggers Manald Heal, not the lightning damage itself.
03/20/2018 04:15 AMPosted by Pariko
And its a NO for Hydras (procs don´t proc procs)

That's not true, actually. Lightning Hydra can proc Paralysis, and thus Manald Heal.

Well if I´m mistaken I´m the last one to not make this clear and of course "normal" Lightning Hydras can procc MH. But I´m still pretty sure that Hydras casted by Etched Sigil can´t.

Quote from Cratics MH-list I mentioned above:
"MH does NOT proc from Etched sigil casts."

And I still can´t find any reliable source that states the opposite.

Will do some testing when I´m able to, probably next weekend.
How did your testing go?

I need to know if Storm Armor can proc paralysis and also if Storm Armor hitting paralysed enemies procs Manald Heal damage.
yes storm armor does proc paralysis but it cant proc manald heal.

The diablo mantra:

Procs dont proc procs
I was testing this a lot last day, and I found out that sometimes Storm Armor procs manald heal damage. But this is very inconsistant and I cannot find how do I activate this behaviour. Looks like a bug for me, I now try to find how to activate this bug.

I've recorded a video that shows how Storm Armor deals 30 million damage couple times in a row, and then after 2 such powerful hits continues dealing only ~1 million damage. I do not see any other mechanics but Manald Heal that could make Storm Armor dealing 30m instead of 1m damage.

This is the video I was talking about. It shows how Storm Armor deals 30mil damage 3 times in a row. But after those several times it stops doing it till the end of duration.

Looks like some kind of a bug, but I do not know exact way to trigger it - I just spam Storm Armor skill and sometimes it deals Manald Heal damage.
Normally there's only a 15% chance to proc paralysis (and the proc coefficient of the skill used on top of that IIRC) so it should not happen all the time. Still, I tried too and it did not seem to work off storm armor only ...

If anyone has a more concluding test around, I would be interested for sure since I'd definitely like to make this lightning hybrid spectral blade / meteor build to work (see my profile, seasonal wizard : ) ... :P
I don't think paralysis reduced by proc coefficient.
cratic has done extensive research into almost every aspect of manald heal's interaction with spells. Check out his channel on youtube at cratic1321
Thanks and indeed. I found a good bunch of videos about MH but none in relation with SA ... : )

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