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In a totally different topic post earlier this year another poster with over 8,000 posts said,
Kadala showers you in the basic items of your favourite build, and when you're at six items, you start over and go for the slightly more rare version; Ancient, and when you're done getting all of those, you start getting the Primal version.

Is this an unknown strategy? Does it mean that if you want a Primal Maximus you can have a better chance if you already have 6 Legendary and 6 Ancient in your stash?

I've been playing long enough that I've collected enough duplicates of specific items to have been able to do this if it makes any difference to keep them.

I'm hoping for answers from anyone with some experience with this idea.
Sounds like BS to me. Ancient and primals drops are all down to RNG. You have a 10% chance for ancients and about 1% for primals.
You completely misunderstand the that post. It isn't a strategy, it is simply how things usually work.
Chances at Ancient and Primal are completely independent of what gear you currently have. What he's getting at is that once you have all the items you need, you can roll again for items that you already have and hopefully get a better version of that item. That better version has no increased chance to drop based on whatever gear you have or have received from kadala in the past.

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