So sick of this RNG crap

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Took me over a year to get mine.
Its my gear and I want it NOW!!! (Throwing tantrum like a 5 year old at Wal-Mart)
Hey Ive been here since 2012 and no cosmic wings. Get in line. Somehow life has managed to go on.
Who cares about cosmic wings, guess im to old for that. Id rather have primal item i use
03/06/2019 08:35 PMPosted by Scourn
please blizzard do us a favor and keep right on doing what you're doing so the rest of you lazy devs can be laid off. Finally catching up to you on all your bad decisions huh?

They should do us a real favor and ban fools who can't read the dates on threads.

And if you knew anything about the layoffs, you'd know devs weren't laid off.
I grinded for so long that I gave up. Then one season it dropped, and then a few days later it dropped again and my friend who was envious of the first drop got it. I'd probably never see them again, but if you keep playing you will get them eventually. So no drops forever then 2 in a row.

Most people got their rainbow portrait pretty quick, I had to grind about 10x the normal average for getting it. I used a dash monk and farmed it until my eyes bled.
I accidentally salvaged my wings, lol.
Why would you want a Tooth Fairy costume in a Diablo game anyways?
"It's rare so I want it to show that I mine is bigger than yours"... I guess ?
I found them this season after having played 5000 hours and never seeing the wings (not counting the hours before rainbow gob were a thing) and was happy but that's about it. I didn't have it, whatever. Found it, great.
I would like to have Cosmics too , but you know what ? Falcon's look way cooler to me . If I ever get Cosmic Wings , fine . If I don't , I don't really care , I got my Falcon's Wings and they are easy to get and look awesome for the theme of this game .

With all the time involved farming Rainbow Goblins for Whimsy runs that most likely won't produce the wings , I would rather spend the time looking for good Ancient and Primal Ancient Gear . Pretty wings are not gonna get anyone too far progression wise anyway .
Why don't they just put a cosmetic shop in game to keep the whinos happy and get the game off life support already.. oh wait, that's what d:i's for..
02/23/2018 03:36 PMPosted by yessquire
OP should definitely avoid all Casinos.

Also don't forget to keep him away from the slot machines in the bathrooms!
'So sick of this RNG'

at an earlier update, we got double bounty reward...
-now we must spend them in the cube to have a chance for an ancient
-first a carrot, then the price :(

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