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So I bought the Necromancer for the PS4 last year, but never got around to playing it.

I tired two weeks ago for the first time and its greyed out, I don't have any of the items either. I do randomly have the banner motiffs though. Sony bounce you to Blizzard who from looking through the foums bounce people back to Sony.

I've tried all the fixes about restoring licences etc but this doesn't appear to work and you can't seem to speak with Blizzard about it other than posting on here. Did anyone else find another fix?
While Blizzard does provide the game code for D3 and the DLC to Sony, you bought the game license from Sony and your records would be kept on their device and their servers.

Blizzard has no way to see if you bought the Console game or what the status is. They also can't provide support for Sony's game licenses on Consoles.

Do you have proof of the transaction such as a credit card receipt or Sony account history record? Could the transaction have failed to go through? This is one of those things where you have to take up the issue with the place you purchased it from. If you did, could they confirm that you had the license and it should show as valid on your account?

Sony must have misunderstood if they bounced you back to Blizz over a game license they sold you. Sony is responsible for the purchase and providing access on their servers.

Now, actual bugs with the Console game code are something Blizz collects feedback on via the Console Bug Report forum

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