Please rollback patch or fix 2 player bug

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For people looking forward to jumping into a new season right away, its a little frustrating seeing as nearly every game I've been in has been 2 players max.
I imagine this didn't happen on the PTR for you to release this patch, but clearly something is not working correctly with it.

If taking the servers down for an hour or something to roll back patches is all it would take, please do it. The player-base that plays random public games does not enjoy this one bit.
I agree this a pretty annoying problem. As far as taking server down, it's a damned-if-they-do, damned-if-they don't scenario. They need to fix the problem asap. If they take down servers for a long time, then people will just complain about that instead. Hopefully we get a swift resolution with minimal downtime.
yes please fix this
yes fix plz fix, is this intentional?
making bounty ALONE or at 2 player is really sucks.... pls FIX that !@#$!
Agreed. It is awful.

I know the game is in maintenance mode, but c'mon Blizzard.
If the maintenance tomorrow morning doesn't fix this I'm done for this season. Just so frustrating.
Agreed. Especially after last nights last two runs. I might as well have done those solo since the one person I got grouped with just followed me around everywhere.
Fix it or don't at least they could blinking well acknowledge the issue officially...just a silence at present resulting in mass threads.

One blue sticky is all it takes to advise of the situation.

Again and again Blizzard fail at basic communication.
We're going to be providing additional updates in this thread. Going to lock up similar threads to help clean up the forums.

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