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Demon Hunter
Change it... I feel like this skill rune was just a filler they never got rid of. Like no build...not even a T6 build is going to be useful with this Rune. It should be like Shuriken Nova or something. Make it a nova of tiny Chakrams that deal more damage on crit. OR a Chakram that explodes into a flurry of Missiles or Grenades on crit.

What do you think?
I actually like the Shuriken Cloud.

Sure, it is nothing good for builds later in the game, but when I start playing a DH in the season without Haedrigs Gift, I use it sometimes. Usually in a melee build with a combination of Bola and Cluster Arrow. This is always my "Backup Build" when I absolutely do not find any useful legendary with a nice buff.
02/25/2018 04:14 AMPosted by xSoulxFTWx
...not even a T6 build is going to be useful with this Rune
i got it up to t10 with UE and chakram quiver. I was trying for a bone storm-esque build but SC doesn't hit fast enough or heavy enough. I was hoping for a lazy build I could watch Netflix with that wasn't multishot..
A while back, I suggested that Sentries with the Chains of Torment rune should get a Shuriken Cloud when you have yours active. Both runes are melee oriented, so I think they would work well together.
It does work. Use it for Shadow Set and gain extra life per hit while impaling. It throws in that little bit of damage on close range with the set too, CoE and the 2set of Shadow boost it. Is a constant primary attack. It is very good with the set in my opinion. I can do 100+ using it.
I tested it with the Chakram sword, quiver and UE6. It had a weird play where you had to kite to get the separation for UE4 buff, trigger chakram and vengeance, then vault back through the chasing pack using it to trigger Strongarms.

It did reasonable damage, but it wasn't really fun to play.

Ps: aggressive forward vaulting play with the envious blade in the cube with 500 CHD was easy t13 clearing, but not much more.
Buff Chakram please so it is useful in high end GR's, it is such a kool looking skill. Visuals alone makes me want to play it.
I know this thread died, but I use shuriken cloud with 5pc marauder (RoRG in cube) the sword of ill will, bombadier's rucksack, (plus other stuff). I place 5 turrets which gives chakram +60,000% damage then I just run though enemies. I use gem of effacious toxin(probably mangled spelling), at lvl 25, that's +325% damage per second for 10 seconds, as well as +10% damage taken/+10% less damage dealt for those critters. I also use bane of the trapped which slows all critters I'm dicing (because am easily within 30 yards) and increases damage done to them by 22.5%.

I'm sure it's not perfect, and may never get to high rift farming, but it's pretty good for grabbing paragon levels and making multiple gems of ease lvl 25 (for making a full suit of twink armor for other level 1 characters to grow with). oh, and it required almost no effort to use, just plop a turret down every time you get your third turret charge.
I got SC to work in T13 with S2 M4 & LGF. Needs a decent buff to be even T16 viable.

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