EU Challenge Rift 36 "Impossible".

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02/27/2018 04:38 AMPosted by Alexander
02/27/2018 03:05 AMPosted by DreaderVII
Wait, are you telling me, Blizzard choose a run made by one of the best DH players in the world, in an un-geared setup, using macros/add-ons for a weekly "for fun" rift that rewards you with helpful but not necessary materials during week 2 of a new season?

Because if they did, then they have no idea what they're doing, clearly. They seem to have forgotten that the majority of players never reach that level of skill, let alone on a DH. A casual player cannot make the leap and bounds needed to complete a rift like this during a weeks time, so it is as previously stated a waste of time/10.

He is not using macro. You can see/hear in he's clear video when pressing a key and skill activate. Is not using overlay, because e this was done in season. Overlay stop working before season starts.
Stop crying, your just bad at this game as 90% of people here. Babyrage.

Oh, good, then we're almost on equal grounds. Hold on, wasn't he one of the best players in the world aswell? I guess that's not a problem either, I mean, I got a week to get on his level with a class I barely ever played/doesen't like.

I admit to not being good at this game, hell, I'm not even trying to be good at this game, I hold no illusions that I will be able to play on a level like this weeks CR and frankly I don't want to.

And the materials are, as I said earlier, not necessary to progress in the season, so what could I possibly be complaining about? Perhaps it's the fact that this part of the game is NOT fun. They need to work on their choices more and/or build on the CR mode to enable us more choice of a CR more attuned to the level of skill a player holds. Offering just one CR per week is not working to make this fun in the least.

I hope you see it more clearly now and don't just throw out a stereotypical "Bo-ho stop whining" again.

Have a pleasant day, sir/miss
02/26/2018 05:00 PMPosted by WonderWhite
just needs someone relatively competent at the game themselves on the D3 team
After 6 years of playing this game, I can tell you that I don't think there is anyone like that...
The author of this thread is right.. some !@#$ing bull%^-* challenge rift.

For people who haven't mastered this particular build, it is IMPOSSIBLE.. and it's not something you learn in a week, especially not since the guy who mastered this build, have been playing it for 6-7 seasons or what so ever..

Complete bull!@#$ to test us against this guy, when every single challenge rift so far, have been a walk in the park, the easiest ever.. (atleast the ones i know of).
The challenge rift last week, gave all season players free 4 mil gold and bounty mats, even deaths breath, to level up with lvl 70 weapon from lvl 40 (with 30 lvl reduced req), and the db to upgrade blacksmith and so on..
The players that couldn't play that weekend is now %^-* out of luck, and have the hardest challenge rift ever made to deal with .. GG BLIZZARD, fairness FTW!!!

I am not whining about challenge rifts being too hard, cause they have been waaaaaay to easy always, so i don't mind if EVERY challenge rift was this hard.. but it's unfair to have 35 EASY challenge rift, and then slaughter people totally in number 36.. make every rift challenging or don't make them next to impossible at all.. !@#$ing bull%^-* game.
WTF is this challenge rift? Is this some kind of a bad joke?
I just got in and die in one hit, lmao.
No sets, tier difficulty 45, how did this even passed through the sights of "those we dont speak of"?
Bluddshed beat the NA and crushed the EU version said it was very difficult but took a few runs to get movement right
02/27/2018 08:20 AMPosted by Gréyfox
Bluddshed beat the NA and crushed the EU version said it was very difficult but took a few runs to get movement right

Is his EU accout different? Because he's not on the leaderboards.

And nobody except wudijo himself has "crushed" the EU version. The next best is less than 30 seconds faster than the required time. That's the 2nd fastest time out of everyone, and they only made it by 30 seconds.

I've spent quite a lot of time on this (having never really played DH), and I feel that if I did everything perfectly I could get a time under 8 minutes. I got a 9 minute time dying twice. A 10 minute timer would put it in the realms of possibility for most people after some practice.

Beating the 6:57 timer is crazy difficult.
02/27/2018 05:32 AMPosted by Babylon
And unlike most of the privileged crybabies on here

02/27/2018 05:32 AMPosted by Babylon
Not sure why I’m getting all the downvotes. Illiterate people galore.

02/27/2018 05:32 AMPosted by Babylon
Y’all are toxic as

I think you just answered to your own question right there.
sometimes I dont kill elites with FoN although I have 30 stacks + lightning cylce. anyone knows why this can happen?
Why is challenge rift locked behind doing a solo GR in the region?... They get a challenge one and we get this handout one on NA...

They should just give all 3 challenge rifts to every region each week.
Just level a new character on EU, only takes a couple hours. If you're willing to put in the time to challenge yourself with the hardest CR ever, it's not so much more to ask to beat a solo GR.
If only I had a EU character to do this. I'd sit there for hours until i beat the damn thing so i could say I'm better than Wudijo. Kappa
I looked all 4 leaderboards, after 36 hours:
15 solo players completed this CR succesfully (<6:57min).
3 2players.
0 3players.
0 4players. fastest time is 13:54min.

In all previous CRifts, all 4 leaderboards top1000 completed it within 24 hours.
In other words, >10,000 people completed successfully within 24 hours. But this CRift, only 21 players after 36 hours.
02/27/2018 01:20 AMPosted by Alexander
You guys are funny. Always cry about CR being to easy. There you go, a challenging one. But now is to challenging for you guys. Everybody cries about b0ts, thud and whatever, people that use it steal your spot on leaderboard otherwise you for sure will be on top. Now you have the rare occasion and can compete with one of the top leaderboard guy. You fail miserably and cry. He finish in 6m or whatever you guys need half an hour or more to finish it.

Well that's weird, you claimed you completed it, but I don't see your name inside the SIXTEEN people who actually made it.

And I think you got something wrong, challenge rift is supposed to be here to compete with other people to get the best time possible. Clearing the rift in time shouldn't be something that only 0.1% of player can do, it should be possible normaly, after a few tries maybe. The CHALLENGE part of Challenge Rift is to get the best time as possible for the leaderboard.

Oh, and I think you have a vision problem of how internet works. Just because some people cry over it being too easy, doesn't mean it the same people who cry about it being impossible. Internet is full of people, and you'll always find someone to complain. It doesn't mean it's the same people always complaining about everything. So making general statement like that is stupid.

I'm just waiting for you to show us how good you are by actually clearing the rift, and then maybe you'll have a right to talk, but for now you're just a "bad player" like everyone else.
Phew, I thought I was the only one having issues with this CR.
The thing is u need Luck too, no Crit no Clear! I tried it about 2 hours, Best time is 7:29 now....
~2000h play time with DH, have cleared Solo Grifts 110+ but this is crazy ^^
Wudijo is one of the Best, so its ok for me... The original target is 15 minutes, I get it ;)
And ofc all we get is silence, even after promises of better communication.
The challenge rift finally lives up to its name, I like it.
02/27/2018 06:14 AMPosted by DreaderVII
Perhaps it's the fact that this part of the game is NOT fun.

If you don't find that part fun, why are you playing that part? It's not like the rewards are enough to justify deliberately playing something you don't enjoy.
Ok this is awesome. I mean it.
(This is EU)
I started the new season yesterday(havent returned to it yet) and got a few levels and thought id get the mats from the challenge rift.

- Oh a DH, cool. long time since i played DH.
- I recognize the skillsetup... somewhat..
- Damn its that wudijo FoN stuff.
- 5 runs and i dont get the ropes. This is actually quite fun, im getting my !@# handed to me by one of the best DH players in the game.
- Im a casual player so of course i wont beat the rift, i still think its awesome.
- Come online to see if theres any info about the run, there sure is. Wudijo has given tips on reddit to how to beat the rift.

I havent beaten the rift, given the time i could do it for sure. I just dont get it why people assume it should be a walk in the park all the time? Ok maybe this one went a bit over the top, but take it as it shouldve been taken -> as a challenge.

Peace :)
Tried it - Failed it i died like 20000000times in 4 minutes..

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