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Check out the ego on this one.

Sorry that not everyone has the season on farm by day 3. Some people have lives. Ones that do not involve too many hours in a game.

Why be is such a rush? The seasons last 3 months.
OP translation in a nutshell:

Iam sad that my cheater friends who were so experienced and always played on top due to their cheating are gone and i now need to deal with legit players who may lack the top level experience.

Welcome to the real world dude !
Did they have the right build for the meta? If they didn't then you have your answer to part of the problem. I am saying there is more to clearing the rift than just the needed skills and knowledge to clear it.
03/14/2018 02:07 PMPosted by sNAz
ost of my friends got the hammer

Get some new friends, and change your notion of what a good player is. That's what you get for hanging out with a bunch of cheaters.
Im still figuring out how 3 para 700 abd a para 1200 had the dps and survivability to do 110's i mean that means that the thre. Para 700 could not open the gr. The 1200 necro had to because otherwise they would be over para 700, and evn then their gems would be 90 ish range maybe?
03/14/2018 11:41 PMPosted by Steve
03/14/2018 04:05 PMPosted by sNAz
Having high paragon just mean you play a lot.

Having high paragon just means you bot a lot.
fixed that for you

I find that funny considering their are people approaching 3k paragon already in s13. The bots are gone, and the people that push the envelope actually are playing the game. Manually playing is always more efficient. This time last season people were not as close to 3k paragon as they are this season.

So having high paragon does not mean you bot a lot. Especially in S13. Having high paragon just means you play the game better/more efficient then people who have post counts on the forums higher than their paragon :P
Makes passive aggressive post to broadcast to everyone how leet he is. Makes predictable condescending replies to those pointing out the douche factor. Hangs out with botters (and I'm betting botted on another account). Uses usual tone and polemic of all internet forum trolls.

Yep, nothing to see here. Just another unemployed angry keyboard narcissist raised on bulletin boards and games forums.

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