Cannot Purchase RoS Digital Deluxe

Technical Support
I'm trying to purchase the Reaper of Souls Digital Deluxe and it won't let me. Keeps saying 500: Internal Server Error. Error code: BLZWEBBMPZAZB.

The error code you listed, "BLZWEBBMPZAZB" isn't coming up as valid. Can you verify it's typed correctly? Or post a link to a screenshot showing it.
here's the screenshot you requested.

If you click on the error code "BLZWEBBMPZMYW2", does it bring up a support article? As the code I see is very different from what you typed, does it change every time?

You're probably going to need to submit a support ticket and work via a live chat option with a rep to see what's going on while you're placing the order.
Same problem here...... this is the error code


Have you gone through the steps in this support article?

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