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Code 317002 keep getting this when trying to start a game. was working fine all afternoon. Anyone else?
same here
5 people confirmed this in chat with me just now. Was in a game for a few hours, left for 30 minutes, now cannot start a game. Cleared cache and restarted, both game and client, no difference.
Yes, just posted this in another thread as well.
Same issue.
Having the same issue after downloading the current patch.
Same issue.
If I log into Europe or Asia everything works fine. Also have no trouble starting game in PTR. Seems to be an NA issue.
Same issue. Was OK this morning.
Same issue here.
Same issue, tried restarting desktop app and clearing cache, no joy though.
Played for around 3 hours, stopped to watch the news. And now because of code 317002 I cannot play. Help
Same here. Any news on this had a friend try to make a game and they get the same issue.
Same issue and not a single !@#$ing post from a Blizzard Employee on Forums, Twitter, Launcher... Nothing. No form of communication. Thanks.
Blizzardcs on twitter has a response to people...clear cache..delete folder...but no joy for me.
ya same damn code317002...if was running fine before you "fixed" it...
I hope they give me Tzo Krin's Gaze for this disturbance. I have not been able to pull it in a week and I know tonight was the night.
Same here guys, can't join public
I too have this bug. :'(

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