Code 317002

Technical Support
same here -_- was playing fine. Went to eat & when I got back the error started.
If it helps if anyone is reading this it is only the American servers I can create games fine on EU.
yeah EU is working.... but it's also empty for me lol
europe tech support says they are having the same problem too

back to PoE
I also have this bug (code 317002). I have tried:

-Restarting D3 Client
-Restarting B.Net Client
-Scan/Repair of D3
-Restart System
same issue here
Same issue here too.
Ditto for me.
Same here.
same here cant play cat play or log in what happened ?
same here
Yeah, You can add me in this list too :/
Same issue.
Same error.
Running MacOS.
Same problem here!
was planning on buying the necro tonight ...... not so sure now
Me as well :'(
Me too :/

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