Kadala needs weapon types

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1h weapon and 2h weapon is too broad. It should break up into maces, swords, fists, etc... 1h and 2h catogories.
I like the current way honestly. It diversifies how you attempt to acquire early gear. Usually I use shards for the essential non-set items(bracer,belt etc), get the set items from the Journey, and then acquire the weapon with upgrades from the cube. I actually quite enjoy the initial process of getting everything together in it's current form.
Agreed. I never gamble weapons because it's a waste of shards.
You already can targeted specific gear via the cube. Being able to gamble for specific weapon types via Kadala will only make the game even easier than it already is.

Gamble for armour and off-hand, and cube for weapons/amulet/rings. That's the most cost efficient way.
Who gambles for weapons with shards?

Use shards for armor. Upgrade rares in the cube for weapons/jewelry.
yeah the current system is fair enough. also if your RNGesus is good enough then it becomes pretty easy to progress fast. i've spent maybe around 400 dragon breaths for a certain 2 hander in cube and still no luck. at this rate i'm more likely to get it through rifting but i can only imagine how much faster i could of progressed if i was able to get it cubed. i do not want an easy button but if i have good RNG i'm not going to complain either.
kanais cube is the way .. just make what you want .. all your dreams come to live.
Kamala is currently best used as the yellow mats and occasional armour/offhand upgrades vendor.

I wouldn't mind seeing all weapons and jewelry drop to say 40 shards per gamble though. That would make it still more expensive than the other gear but a worthwhile gambling option once you got your armour and offhand sorted.
The only real problem area with Kadala weapon types is with the advent of the Dagger Demon Hunter. Kadala hasn't been informed, so she will spit out hand crossbows with nary a dagger in sight.
like i said .. use kanais cube .. hunter has only 2 daggers, super easy to make one.

Also .. kadala is not good source of yellow material .. nothing is .. best is to pick up white items, cuz they are worth 10 pieces .. yellow only 1.

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