Most fun build?

Just bought the necromancer and I'd like to know, in your opinion, what is the most fun build to play with and why?

I'm loving the corpse explosion skill, as well as the golem and army of the dead. Hopefully there's a build that uses them.
The most fun I have with necromancer is playing the LazyNecro speed run build. You run as fast as you can through levels below 70 and everything just dies from bone armor. You can use corpse explosion with this build.

The most fun in the entire game for me is any build with Land of the Dead and Corpse Lance. It's just way fun killing off elites and RGs super fast.

Having said that, I have not found a way to like any of the necro sets other than Inarius. I quite dislike Rathmas with all the numlocked skills, and the style of play for Trag'Ouls and Pestilence do not suit me. I want to be tanky and kill everything and also have the fast RG kill. So that leaves me with Inarius, which is the weakest of the sets for solo play, but does well with one or more partners to help supply corpses.
I've been enjoying Inarius poison build lately. Works good in groups that gather big trash packs. Not great for solo pushing as it's too squishy for close range without support. I've only managed a solo gr100 with it while I did a gr106 with pest and less than optimal gear.
Trag'Oul Blood Mage is pretty fun. You don't have to worry about long cool downs, just keep Bone Armor active and keep your skeletons commanded on targets. You have to cast mages every few seconds but it's a lot more fun than Rathma imho.
I love rathma, and do not numlock. I litterally soind like I am typing up an essay when i play.

I also like inarus lazy build with corose skills.

Still having issues getting into pest or trag
CorpseExlosion is by far the most satisfying skill necro has, it unfortunatly is a low tier skill.
Unlike Corpse lance builds which have the added benefit of the Corpsewhisper Pauldrons 600% damage boost, native high single target damage + the ability to fire a corpse lancer for every corpse consumed, and splinter corpse lance for effective aoe....
Corpse explosion has only the set bonus + grasp of essence 425% boost, and a single explosion for aoe damage.

So yea, CE is the most fun skill to play and build around imo, but its gimped as f compared to corpse lance.

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